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The Pre-sessional English programme is designed for students who need to raise their level of English before beginning a degree course.  This programme is only open to students who already hold a conditional offer from the University, dependent on their English.


The aim of the programme is to enhance students’ ability to study effectively in an English language environment. Students will improve their ability to express themselves accurately, effectively and in the appropriate style. Students will also improve their comprehension of academic texts, both written and spoken. In addition to this, they will enhance their skill and confidence when writing essays and delivering academic presentations.


Applications & fees

2015 fees for Pre-sessional English are RM5,960 per 10 week block.

To apply please fill out the application (pdf).

More information on applying can be found in our how to apply section.


Course length

Dependent upon your current level of English and how much you would like to improve, we offer courses of varying length:

  • 10 week course, for students who need to improve their IELTS score by 0.5
  • 20 week course, for students who need to improve their IELTS score by 1.0
  • 30 week course, for students who need to improve their IELTS score by 1.5


Pre-sessional English 2016
ProgrammeDates Modules  
30 week 25 January - 8 April

Pre-sessional EAP II

Pre-sessional EAP III Pre-sessional EAP IV
20 week 18 April - 24 June   Pre-sessional EAP III Pre-sessional EAP IV
10 week 27 June - 9 September     Pre-sessional EAP IV

For example, a student who needs 5.5 IELTS to join a Foundation Programme, and who has 4.5, should join two pre-sessional modules -- either Pre-sessional II followed by Pre-sessional III, or Pre-sessional III followed by Pre-sessional IV, depending on the start date of the Foundation programme -- and study for 20 weeks.

Below are the TOEFL iBT, PBT and PTE Academic scores equivalent to IELTS:

 4.5  53 475 -
 5.0  61 500 43
 5.5  71 527 51
 6.0  79 550 55
 6.5  88 575 62


Please note that attendance alone is not sufficient to pass the course. Students need to demonstrate, through their assessments, that they are of the right level to prosper in their chosen academic environment.


Areas students will work on include:

  • writing short essays and longer academic assignments
  • reading academic articles and books
  • understanding lectures and taking notes
  • participating in seminars and giving oral presentations
  • expanding their range of grammatical structures, with a focus on academic grammar
  • expanding their range of vocabulary, especially academic vocabulary
  • developing their understanding of the study skills required for study in Higher Education

During this course students will:

  • learn the key academic skills needed for study in a UK university
  • develop the ability to express themselves effectively in an academic style
  • become familiar with the format of assessments used at university level
  • become familiar with life on campus
*TOEFL PBT is accepted only for the Pre-Sessional programme at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
*From 2015, students who wish to study Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) are required to have an IELTS, TOEFL or MUET score. CELE Pre-Sessional English results will not be considered. 

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