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Why study the Engineering Foundation?


The Engineering Foundation Programme is an excellent access course to the undergraduate courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering. A school leaver enrolled in the programme sees a clear path towards a Bachelor's or Master's degree in engineering. Upon successful completion of the programme, progression to the undergraduate level is automatic and unconditional.

Modules are taught by staff members who specialise in pre-university education, many of whom are active in research. Students will therefore experience a gradual transition from secondary to tertiary level education. There are opportunities to interact with students and lecturers across the Engineering Faculty. In this way students can make an informed decision on the branch of engineering that he or she would like to pursue.

There is a strong emphasis on the teaching of the mathematical and physical sciences. Students are also introduced to computer language and programmes as well as study and research techniques essential for undergraduate level.

I invite you to visit us on any of our Application or Open days so that you can see the campus and the facilities for yourself and meet with members of the teaching staff.

Rajparthiban, Head of the Engineering Foundation



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