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IT Service Desk

IS provides a range of IT services to facilitate staff and students of the University in their pursuit of academic and research excellence.

Computer rooms|


IS manages a number of computer rooms| offering:

  • PCs with network access
  • printing
  • some with 24/7 access
  • open to all staff and students of the University.

Email & storage|


IS assigns email and storage| on the network for every staff and student. 

Secure protocols for sending and retrieving mails, and extensive spam-filtering are implemented. Access to emails is made easy through a web-based interface.

Portal & Workspace|


The University Portal| provides students easy accessibility to relevant information such as personal details, access to past-year examinations, reading lists and examination results.

Workspace| is an online collaborative portal that allows staff and students across the university to share information, news and documents.


Print, copy & scan|


The print, copy a|nd scan| services are available in IS computer rooms and the library.

It uses your University Card or your University username to store credits which you can charge up at the library circulation counter.  Scanning is free of charge.

Software & PC services|


IS provides hardware & software| support for all University IT assets which includes procurement, maintenance, licensing and disposal.

The University provided Windows-based computers are equipped with various software to fulfill the requirements of different schools and departments.

Video conferencing|


Video Conferencing| allows face to face communications and meetings to be conducted with remote parties through the Internet or via digital telephony.

There are suites across the University's UK, Ningbo and Malaysian campuses.


Virtual Learning|


E-Learning materials are created and delivered through Virtual Learning Environments| (VLE).

VLEs help to facilitate course management, collaborative group projects, self-test exercises and online assessments.

The University VLE is provided by Moodle.

Wireless access|


Wireless access| is available for mobile devices via wireless access points installed throughout the campus.

Staff and students can connect their mobile devices to the Internet using their University username and passwords. Guests of the University are to contact IT Helpline for temporary access.

And more...|

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IS also provides:

  • Associate Account Application
  • Student Network Service
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Video shooting & conversion for academic purposes
  • IP Phone Services
  • Laptop and projector loan
  • Purchasing of IT Equipment
  • Business System Support
  • Website Support
  • New student & staff induction

For more information, contact| the IT Service Desk.



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