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Over the past two decades, psychology has become one of the most popular degree topics in the world. It is a fascinating subject that helps us to understand the ways in which our minds, brains, relationships and societies work.

The School of Psychology is consistently ranked amongst the top psychology schools in the United Kingdom and is among the leading centres for research and teaching in the world. Ranked among the highest in Malaysia, our research received a 4-star rating in the last Malaysian Research Assessment exercise. We have an excellent line up of talented scholars working on cutting-edge research that features in leading international journals. We also enjoy connections with other leading universities throughout the world and undertake collaborative research with a wide range of partners both locally and internationally.

Research in psychology

The School of Psychology is currently comprised of the following research groups, many of which overlap and complement the work of other groups.

  • Active Vision
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Attention
  • Autobiographical Memory
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Computer-Human Interaction
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Language Development
  • Social and Affective Psychology
  • Vision

Active Vision – Dr. Neil Mennie

We investigate the way the brain handles visual (sensory) information in the natural world. Our research on visual cognition and visuomotor coordination in humans and apes employs different techniques, such as recording eye and body movements, computational modeling and analyzing the ability of apes to recognize human facial expressions. We address questions on the ability of the brain to predict a stimulus, memory, attention and complex behavior. 

Animal Behaviour – Dr. Vivek Thuppil 

Research aims to study interactions between humans and wild elephants in Malaysia from a behavioural perspective and provide strategies for minimising the potential for harmful encounters. 

Attention – Dr. Jess Price

Research is focused on using multiple techniques, including brain imaging with electroencephalography (EEG), eye-tracking and behavioural techniques. Ongoing research topics include event-related potential (ERP) studies of language and recognition memory. 

Autobiographical Memory – Dr. Steve Janssen

Research aims to dissect the biological and cultural factors influencing the development of autobiographical memory across the lifespan and to examine the role of the psychological distance of positive and negative events in the development and maintenance of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Clinical Psychology – Dr. Daniel Seal

We aim to develop interventions that reduce psychological distress and improve people's well-being in ways that are sustainable, appropriate for the cultural context and practical given the resources available in Malaysia. 

Computer-Human Interaction – Prof. Claire O’Malley

Research focuses on social media and explores the following topics: how users understand and manage their networks and information disclosure; reputation management in social media; and ethics and privacy in social media. 

Evolutionary Psychology – Dr. Steve Stewart-Williams

My research involves using evolutionary theory to shed light on the human mind and behaviour. I’m particularly interested in the kinds of relationships people have with family vs. non-relatives, and whether this varies across cultures. In addition, I’m interested in human sex differences.

Language Development – Dr. Julien Mayor

Research topics include the study of multilingual processing in adulthood, interactions between language acquisition and other aspects of cognitive development, differences between monolingual and multilingual language acquisition, and the role of the learning environment on lexical acquisition. 

Social and Affective Psychology – Dr. Chuma Owuamalam

We examine the ways in which people’s interpretations of their social world influence their emotions and behavior and, how we can use our understanding of these psychological processes to mitigate conflicts between individuals and social groups. 

Vision – Dr. David Keeble

Research investigates all aspects of how the human visual system provides us with information about the external world. There is a particular emphasis on eye-tracking, visual attention and psychophysics. 



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