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Chuma Owuamalam

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Dr. Chuma Owuamalam joined the University of Nottingham Malaysia in 2012. Prior to joining the university, Chuma obtained an MSc in Group Processes and Intergroup Relations at the Centre for the Study of Group Processes (University of Kent) and, a PhD on 'Responses to Meta-stereotype Activation among Members of Devalued Groups' from the University of Keele. In 2010, Chuma moved to the University of Manchester where he worked on a multi-disciplinary project funded by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC, UK) on the 'Social Complexity of Immigration and Diversity'. He then moved to Royal Holloway University of London in 2011 where he received the prestigious Postdoctoral Fellowship Award from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC, UK) to study the 'Consequences of Meta-stereotyping for Members of Disadvantaged Groups'. Chuma has received a number of awards for research excellence from the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues and has received nominations for the "Most Inspiring Teacher" award in 2015, by the student association University of Nottingham, Malaysia campus.

Chuma's research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as the British Journal of Psychology; Current Directions in Psychological Science and the European Journal of Social Psychology. Chuma is regularly invited to review papers for leading journals in his field, including:

  • Psychological Science
  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
  • Political Psychology
  • Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
  • Group Processes and Intergroup Relations
  • Social Psychological and Personality Science
  • European Journal of Social Psychology, and
  • Social Psychology.

Chuma has served on the editorial board of Cogent Psychology as editor and, currently sits on the editorial boards of the British Journal of Social Psychology and Asian Journal of Social Psychology as an editorial consultant.

Teaching Summary

I previously taught:

  • C81MPR Practical Methods in Psychology
  • C82SAD: Social and Developmental Psychology
  • C83SIP: Self and Intergroup Processes
  • C83MPR: Research Project (final year dissertation)

Now I teach:

  • Advanced Research Methods

  • Introduction to Applied Psychology

  • Applied Social and Cross-Cultural Psychology

  • People, Work and Organizations

Research Summary

Areas of current interest are:

  • Intra- and Inter-group communication
  • Stereotyping and prejudice
  • Social change and system stability
  • Emotion regulation
  • Experimental and applied social cognition
  • Social and affective neuroscience
  • Gender studies

See also my external webpage at ( for selected outputs from completed projects.

Chuma is principal supervisor to 3 Ph.D students:

Jaya Kumar Karunagharan - The effect of social anxieties on classroom participation and academic performance of students from stereotyped backgrounds

Andrea Soledad Matos Devesa - How and when does the hunchback heuristic influence peoples' compassion bias?

Rachel Wong - Social identity, system justification and ethical consumption

Completed research students:

Coey Kang Xin Wong (MPhil) - Competence and warmth judgments of different weight groups in Malaysia. (Examination outcome: no correction needed).

Dr. Mass Mishaari Weerabangsa (PhD) - The hunchback heuristic: When and why people attribute anger to low status targets and calm to high status targets. (Examination outcome: minor correction).

Selected Publications

2017-2018: When and why do disadvantaged groups support societal systems that disadvantage them? A cross-cultural test of system justification predictions. The John and Daphne Keats Endowment Research Fund, University of Newcastle, Australia. (Value $7,700.00). Role: Principal investigator (with A/Prof. Mark Rubin).

2017-2018: Could we enhance classroom outcomes simply by manipulating teacher characteristics? Faculty of Science pump priming research grants, University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus (RM 10,000.00). Role: Co-Principal Investigator (with Mr. Jaya Kumar Karunagharan).

2016-2019: Responding to terror emergencies: Does compassion bias influence the provision of aid to victims? (#: FRGS/1/2016/SS05/UNIM/02/2, value RM 75,200.00). Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education - Fundamental Research Grant Scheme. Role: Principal Investigator (with Dr. Patricia Ang Mei Mei).

2017: A training workshop on multi-level modelling and social justice research method for faculty and postgraduate students of social psychology in Malaysia. Research and Knowledge Transfer Scheme (RKTS) grants, European Association of Social Psychology (Euro 3,500.00). Role: Principal investigator.

2015-2016: A cross-cultural examination of hunchback stereotype of emotional expression. University of Nottingham, Cross-Cultural Research Fund (Value RM 7,000.00). Role: Principal Investigator.

2014-2015: Examining the neural basis of judgments and experience of status-based emotions - A pilot study. Faculty of Science research grants, University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus (#: P041/14, value RM 15,000.00). Role: Principal Investigator.

2014-2015. Testing the neural bases of judgments and experience of emotions when social status matters. European Association of Social Psychology, Seedcorn Grant (Euro 2,000.00). Role: Principal Investigator

2011-2012: The consequences of meta-stereotyping for members of disadvantaged groups (#: PTA-026-27-2685, value GBP 75,023.00). Economic and Social Research Council, UK. Role: Principal Investigator.

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