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Business Engagement

Business Engagement


BEIS as facilitation vehicle to bridge gap through strategic partnerships



Collaboration between university staff and industry has become an increasingly important part of a modern academic’s role, but the process can seem opaque and confusing. Through collaboration, both parties able to explore and elucidate the key concepts for research and development (R&D) project, commercialising technology and demonstrating impact to the real industry environment.

Business Engagement and Innovation Services (BEIS) unit acting as a facilitation vehicle to intensify strategic partnerships between university staff and industry player based on different mode of collaboration across. BEIS also act as the middle entity to bridge the gap and enhancing the R&D project, contributing expertise and guidance across the full spectrum of the University's innovation activities.


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List of services

BEIS offers full spectrum of expertise and equipment in multidisciplinary ranging from engineering, life and social sciences and business.

We are progressively engaged for Contract Research, Consultancy, Services Rendered, R&D Commercialisation, and CPD Training.

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Business Engagement

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