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Teaching, Training and Technology

Overview: Teaching Training and Technology  will introduce MA Education participants to the key issues in being effective teacher trainers, with particular attention to the use of technology for teaching and training.  Participants will have intensive teaching that are linked to this module, in addition to the days allocated to personal tutorials.

Issues in Educational Leadership & Management

Overview: Issues in Educational Leadership & Management explores a whole range of educational leadership models, such as managerial, instructional, transformational, distributed, and situational. Understanding these models is essential for leading and managing education in the 21st century.

Leading Learning

Overview: This module provides a comprehensive introduction to leadership for learning, with a particular emphasis on instructional leadership. Participants are taken through different theories of instructional leadership and shown how they apply in practice. Technology, use of data and professional development are touched upon, while distributed leadership, as realised in Professional Learning Communities, is looked at as a way of motivating followers. The module is assessed through a small practice-based research project that is reported upon in a 6000 word assignment.

Understanding Curriculum, Learning and Assessment

Overview: The module is designed to develop participants’ understanding of the ways in which curricula are historically, politically and ideologically situated, and to explore the potential impact of current agendas in curriculum reform. Participants will examine theories of learning and evaluate their classroom practice against them. Participants will also analyze the complex and changing relationships between classroom learning, pedagogy, assessment strategies and the curriculum.

Effective Leadership and Change

Overview: The module is framed within the context of a necessity for effective leadership in a complex and challenging nature for organisations facing change in the 21st century. The module will address the essential features of effective leadership and change, and will examine educational leadership and change models. The module provides a frame of operations for leadership effectiveness in leading and managing change initiatives. The module hinges on the leaders’ ability to align resources and motivate teams to drive organisational results with optimal success.

Practice-Based Inquiry

Overview: This module involves the participants in active critical consideration of participating in leadership of educational inquiry to professional context and workplace learning. They will learn about research methodology, how to collect and use data in decision making to improve current practices in their college and assisting the college to become more effective as an institution of learning and teaching. They will be taught how to effectively use a range of research methods and forms of data analysis to do action based research. This module will additionally give them skills that are essential to successfully completing their dissertation


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