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Welcome to the Centre for English Language & Foundation Education (CELFE)!  

The 21st century has brought about a greater need for present-day students to acquire particular skill-sets that are needed in a world where change is constant. Among key competencies that have become pivotal in 21st century education are collaborative skills, digital literacy, and critical and creative thinking skills.  As such, education that is provided in the current millennium should not only focus on knowledge acquisition but act as a catalyst towards the development of these crucial competencies. 

I am happy to note that CELFE which offers the Arts & Education and, Business & Management foundation programmes is well-positioned to cultivate these key 21st century competencies that will contribute to students’ academic growth. At the same time, CELFE also strives to provide a holistic learning experience for students where character building is given as much significance as academic excellence. 

To put CELFE’s mission into action is a team of highly-qualified and competent academics who are committed to the idea that teaching should be anchored on sound pedagogical principles and hence, we are constantly innovating to meet the challenges and demands of 21st century education. In addition, we also constantly provide emotional support in the form of supportive pastoral care for our students to grow and develop into mature, independent and autonomous learners. 

Hence, I am certain that CELFE is your ideal entry pathway for the degree programmes offered in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. An incredible academic journey awaits you at this campus which is home for students from more than 50 countries across the globe. 

Best wishes,

Dr R. Sivabala Naidu
Assistant Professor of Education
Director, Centre for English Language and Foundation Studies 
School of Education, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 
University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus 



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