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The Centre for English Language and Foundation Education (CELFE) offers a programme of in-sessional English language courses to help you improve the skills needed for your studies.

These workshops are free of charge and cover a range of topics appropriate for students at all levels of study. In-sessional English Language courses are catered for all students in the University of Nottingham Malaysia. All students will receive an email at the start of each semester outlining the workshops and schedules. The main In-sessional programme runs through Spring and Autumn semesters.

There is always a high demand for these workshops, so please sign up early to avoid disappointment. You are encouraged to select courses which best meet your language learning needs and only sign up for classes that you will realistically be able to attend. 



In-sessional courses offered by CELFE 

Pronunciation Skills
Someone with good English Pronunciation (and enunciation) are likely to be understood while those with poor pronunciation will face challenges to be understood (worse yet, face social isolation and employment difficulties!) even with good knowledge in grammar. In acquiring better pronunciation skills, you will learn appropriate rhythm, stress, intonation and the common mispronounced words.

Interview Skills
You will go through group and one-to-one practice using real-world interview questions, where this module will hone the students’ verbal and non-verbal skills, their ability to understand exactly what is being asked of them, and to formulate replies clearly and confidently at the expected level of English. 

Academic Presentation Skills 
Do you have to do presentations for some of your modules? Do you suffer from stage fright? Have you ever wished you could give a more impactful presentation? This module guides you in planning a presentation, speaking confidently and effectively with an audience, and developing effective PowerPoint presentation slides.

Business Email Writing 
Email has become the most significant form of communication for any businesses; where the understanding of the email etiquette is crucial for career and personal growth. To produce clear, concise and simple prose while composing effective emails, sign yourself up! 

Academic Writing 
This module is designed for students who need to enhance their essay writing skills to help them develop the skills they need to write effectively for academic purposes. The course will introduce a range of activities to help them understand what is required, and to plan, structure and write their academic essays. 

Report Writing (for Data & Description) 
Having the knowledge in summarising key points, sharing methods and findings as well as the language conventions of a report, is essential as an effective report provides necessary information for team members or managers to make decision for a project or an organisation. Sign up if you want to advance your career in the future. 

Referencing and Citation Styles 
This module refines students’ ability to substantiate their academic essays using proper in-text citations and referencing styles. Skills covered in this course also include quoting, paraphrasing, and the use of discernment in choosing secondary sources. 

Intermediate Grammar in Writing 
If you desire to improve your writing ability and produce error-free sentences, this module is for you!  Designed for students who desire to enhance the accuracy and clarity of their writing, the topics covered include conjunctions, clauses, Comma Splices, Run-ons, and other sentence-level errors.  

Cover Letter & Resume Writing 
This module teaches you how to write effective cover letters and resumes that will make you stand head and shoulders above your competitors in a fierce job market. 



For further enquiries, please contact the Director of English Language Education at 

Enrolment will be done on a first come- first served basis.

There is a high demand for these courses, so please only sign up for courses that you are serious about attending or
you may be denying other students the opportunity.

If a course you wish to attend is full, please fill in the waiting list; if places become available, you will be invited to attend via email.

Please note that abuse of this free language support facility will be reported to personal tutors, and abusers may be blacklisted.

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