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Workshops and One-to-One Sessions

Our workshops and one-to-one sessions are designed to complement the support and advice that Schools and Departments provide throughout their courses. Please do check what is on offer in your School.


Look out for information about coming Learning Centre Workshops in your email. Email invitations to Learning Centre Workshops are sent out to all students by Well-being and Learning Support.

Workshops delivered in semester 2 2014-15

  • Effective Revision
  • Practical Techniques for Academic Reading (twice)
  • Writing Essay Under Exam Conditions

Existing support at UNMC

  • Well-being and Learning Support offer weekly workshops during term time. Look out for the email invitations, which are sent by to all students, including postgraduates.
    • Effective Communication
    • Realistic Thinking
    • Managing Mood
    • Time Management
    • Stress Reduction with Mindfulness
    • Assertiveness
  • The Centre for English Language Education (CELE) offers a programme of short courses (4 weeks) that run during term time to help you improve the skills needed for your studies. For more information please see CELE in-sessional courses.
  • The Centre for English Language Education (CELE) also offers a  programme of courses designed for students who need to raise their level of English before beginning a degree course. For more information please see CELE pre-sessional English programme.
  • Library Services offer face to face support and Online Research & Information Skills (ORIS).
  • Information Services offer individual support though the IT Service Desk.
  • Careers Advisory Service offer the following types of CAS events.
  • The Student Association offers opportunities for you to learn and develop a diverse range of new skills through their student groups and networks. The Student Association Student Charter lets you know what you can expect from the SA.
  • Postgraduate research students can take advantage of the Researcher Development Programme that is delivered by Research Training and Academic Development.

One-to-One Sessions

Individual Appointments

These offer you an opportunity to discuss various aspects of study with teaching staff who are not responsible for your academic assessment. The sessions can help you resolve academic difficulties and also develop strategies for study.

You can book an appointment by:

Study Support Drop-in Sessions

If you are looking for a quick word of advice on any area connected with your studies you can drop in to Room H1B27 in the Student Association Block, if the Learning Centre Advisor is not in a scheduled meeting. Discussions might cover writing techniques, reading strategies, presentation skills or any other aspect of study that you wish to explore. A 20 minute session may be all that is necessary to answer a query or solve a problem.

Please note:
Learning Centre consultations should be used to talk about writing for assignments, reports etc. This is not a proofreading service, nor should you expect to have your work done for you by the Learning Centre Advisor.


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