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The computer Vision research team is generally interested in any topics in Computer Vision, Image/Signal Processing, and Pattern Recognition. In particular, 3D face reconstruction, object tracking, structure from motion are topics that we have been working on and will continue to explore. Research techniques such as Nonrigid registration, deformable models, Active Shape Model, 3D Morphable Model are of particular interest. Dr. Iman is also working on Small Sample Size Problem in High Dimensional Data Modeling, a very challenging problem which has recently stemmed from diverse fields of sciences, engineering, and humanities, ranging from genomics and health sciences to economics, finance and machine learning.

Selected Publications

  1. Lee L.W., SALIH Q.A and HO, S.H. 2008. Optical Tablature Recognition (OTR) System: Using Fourier Descriptors as a Recognition Tool In: Proceeding of the International Conference on Audio, Language and Image Processing ICALIP, Shanghai, China, July 7-9, 2008. 1532-1539
  2. Liao, I.Y. and M. Zaman (2010). Prior model evaluation from Null Space Compensation perspective with application to surface reconstruction from single images. The Visual Computer 26, 997–1005.
  3. Liao, I. Y., P. Zheng, and B. Belaton (2009). Skull Registration Using Rigid Super-Curves. In: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visulization. CGIV’09. IEEE Computer Society, pp.475–479.
  4. Liao, I. Y., M. Petrou, and R. Zhao (2008). A Fractal-based Relaxation Algorithm for Shape from Terrain Image. Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU) 109(3), 227–243.
  5. Liao, I. Y. and R. Zhao (2006). A novel method for solving the shape from shading (SFS) problem. In: Proceedings of the Second international conference on Advances in Natural Computation - Volume Part II. ICNC’06. Springer-Verlag (LNCS), pp.714–723.
  6. Liao, I. Y. and R. Zhao (2001). Analysis and Evaluation of Several Typical SFS Algorithms. Journal of Image and Graphics 6(A)(10), 953–961.
  7. Maul, T.H. and Baba, S. 2011. Unsupervised Learning in Second-Order Neural Networks for Motion Analysis. Neurocomputing. 74(6), 884-895

Academic Staff

  • Iman Liao (webpage, e-mail: Iman.Liao*)
  • Ho Sooi Hock (webpage, e-mail: ho.sooi-hock*)
  • Tomas Maul (webpage, e-mail: tomas.maul*)


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