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This research aims to understand and contribute to both biological and artificial neural computation. On the biological side, several models of the retina are being developed for the extraction of image processing algorithms and the design of retinal prostheses. On the artificial side new neural architectures are being developed and researched which are inspired by the computational diversity of biological neurons.  Neural network based solutions for the segmentation of histological data for the 3D reconstruction of neural circuits are also being investigated.  NeuralFig1-200

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Current projects

Neural computation projects

Title: Recurrent Analogue Neural Networks for Retinal Modelling.
PhD Student: Jung Ren Lee (e-mail: khyx9ljr*).
Aim: to develop models of the outer retina in order to understand early retinal computation and extract image processing algorithms.
More information: research poster [pdf]


Title: Retinal Modelling for the Design of Retinal Prostheses.
PhD Student: Tran Trung Kien (e-mail: khyx1ttk*).
Aim: to model the inner retina in order to understand late retinal computation and design retinal prostheses with new capabilities.
More information: research poster [pdf]


Title: Neural Network Image Segmentation for Retinal Circuit Reconstruction.
PhD Student: Rajeswari Raju (e-mail: khyx1rru*).
Aim: to develop novel neural network based segmentation techniques specifically for the 3D reconstruction of neural circuits.
More information: research poster [pdf].


Title: Improving the Optimization of Neural Diversity Machines.
PhD Student: Abdullahi Adamu (e-mail: khyx1asa*).
Aim: to develop new optimization and/or learning strategies for improving the convergence and generalization properties of Neural Diversity Machines.
More information: research poster [pdf].


Title: Simulation modelling of nanoparticle assembly formation.
Collaborators: Andrzej Bargiela, Yuying Yan and Nan Gao.
Aim: to simulate nanoparticle assembly formation to guide the development of novel nano-coatings for retinal prostheses.



Grant: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia)
Title: Large-Scale Retinal Modeling for the Design of New Generation Retinal Prostheses
Amount: RM 63,000 
Dates: from 4th Oct 2010 to 4th Oct 2013

Grant: The Logistics of Small Things, A Cross-disciplinary Feasibility Account (EPSRC)
Title: Interdisciplinary Developments of Retinal Prostheses
Amount: £8,000
Dates: from 7th Feb 2011 to 30th April 2011

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Academic Staff

  • Tomas Maul (webpage, e-mail: Tomas.Maul*)
  • Graham Kendall (webpage, e-mail: Graham.Kendall*)


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