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What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is a combination of online delivery with face-to-face (on-campus) learning opportunities. The University is adopting new teaching arrangements to meet the new norms while ensuring all activities are conducted in a safe and healthy environment. We are striking the balance between observing social distancing requirements and related SOPs, whilst ensuring we return to academic normality as soon as possible.

The implementation of the Blended Learning 

Teaching and Learning Sessions

From June 2022 onwards, the University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) will resume 100 percent face-to-face learning.  All UNM students, including international students, are required to make the necessary arrangements to be physically present for their lectures and other learning sessions (Workshops, Laboratories, Seminars, etc.). The campus is fully open and all facilities are now operating normally. 

The option to study online, in exceptional circumstances will only be applicable to students whose country’s borders remain closed (e.g.: China) and to those with serious medical reasons (must be able to provide documented evidence). This approach enables students to proceed with their studies as planned, notwithstanding the conditions as mentioned above.

Students who want to apply to study online, you are required to submit an application by completing the online form at the respective link below:

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences



All examinations until August 2022 will continue to be conducted online. However from AY 2022-23 onwards, all exams will return to in-person exams. Hence examinations during December 2022 for Foundations students and January 2023 for UG/PGT students will require physical presence on campus.

Teaching Tools and Assessment

Moodle Everywhere Policy

UNM Engage Policy

Policy on Pre-recorded Lectures

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