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Guided learning

Our approach is to provide lecture materials (slides, recordings, readings) in advance of the scheduled class. The live class is then an interactive discussion of the lecture materials. During the live session students break into small groups using the online private channels. Students may then deliver live presentations to the class or participate in question and answer session led by the lecturer. After the online sessions students are sent readings or other video links.

This is also known as “flipped classroom” where it intentionally shifts instruction to a learner-centered model in which time in the classroom is used to explore topics in greater depth and create meaningful learning opportunities. More time is spent in class on problem-solving and team-based collaboration. This method was first developed at Harvard University in 1997 and has proven to be a deep engagement model for learning.

We have had an average of 85% attendance from our 5,000 students-slightly higher than usual attendance for face-to-face classes.

100% online curriculum

The University of Nottingham Malaysia delivers 100% of our UK curriculum online. Our University is ranked in the top 100 in the world (QS ranked #96).

Graduates of our programs experience some of the best career outcomes in Malaysia and beyond. A survey of 2019 graduates found 90% were employed within 6 months of finishing their studies. Average undergraduate starting salaries were RM3200 per month while postgraduate salaries were over RM5000 per month.

Feedback from students


“Online teaching can be beneficial in a way that students and teachers are able to enjoy the flexibility of time and location at anytime, anywhere to hold online classes especially during this pandemic period of Covid-19. It is convenient and easy instructions given to access to online classes as well as reaching to own respective lecturers. I feel like online teaching gave students a comfortable space to raise any questions on the chat line which is quite helpful.”

“Students can be in the comfort of their home while tuning in to the lesson.”

“I somehow feel lectures are friendlier online. ”

“It's great that teaching videos were uploaded in moodle as students can access the videos whenever they want or needed as compared to face-to-face teaching (only 1 time access for each lecture).”

“It's great that lecturers upload the videos before the Q and A session in Teams. Students can do preview about the chapters before the meeting.”

“It's great that every students will have the chance to experience the best quality of lectures. Normally, only students who sit in front will experience the better quality of lectures while the one who sit behind will experience the worse quality. So, online teaching give every student a fair chance to have the best experience.”

Support and responsiveness from the University

“The support provided online from the university took me by surprise. I had not expected the university to be as responsive and vigilant during this time of crisis. The use of platforms such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Moodle has been used to provide daily updates about the current situation of the university during the duration of Movement Control Order (MCO), as well as providing lots of advice for students to approach and utilise their time in this period of isolation with a positive psychological mindset and to remain productive during the duration of the MCO. “

“There have been guides posted to provide technical support for students that are less tech savvy as well which further reassures students both on campus and at home that the university is in full control of the situation and are not ignorant to potential problems that may be faced by students. “

“The lecturers have been helpful as they hold chat sessions at least once a week for students who may still have questions they wish to ask about modules and recordings for classes and tutorials remain clear and crisp, making it easy to fully immerse ones-self in the recorded teaching sessions.”

“Lecturers have been helpful in responding to their emails and providing support to students to the best of their abilities such as opening chat rooms.”

“The university and its lecturers have been of great help in managing the workload of assignments as well as providing the support needed by its students when ever needed. It has been easy to continue studying as if nothing was even wrong as the university has been taking charge of the whole covid-19 situation from day 1, allowing students to focus on what was important and reassuring us that they have the situation under control.”

“The University keeps us regularly updated about the shift to online teaching"

“Assessments have also been modified to better suit the current situation, and students are made aware of this”

“The university was quick to adapt to the situation. I am impressed that the university was able to transition to online lectures within two weeks. Additionally, despite the short notice, the academic staff and the examination board were able to make the necessary adaptations to the assessments according to the requirements of the modules. This efficiency enabled us to progress in our learning without excessive delays.”

“The lecturers have been highly supportive through the online learning platforms. They were always willing to clarify any concerns that arose because of the switch in the learning medium. My lecturers were understanding and caring, investing effort to ensure that the students are able to progress in their studies online”

“I am thankful that the university was able to support the learning of its students by ensuring that the online learning resources and communication platforms, such as Moodle, Outlook, MS Teams, and NU Search were operating properly. These useful platforms have proven to be a tremendous asset in the online teaching conducted by the university.” 


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