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Will there be a postponement of the September intake (Autumn Semester)?

No. The new academic year will start as planned for all programmes. You will be notified by the University should there be any extensive changes to key dates, academic timetabling or our teaching and learning delivery approach.


The University will use a “Blended Learning” approach to teaching and learning from October 2020. What does this mean? 

From 5 October, teaching and learning at the University of Nottingham Malaysia will be delivered through a Blended Learning approach; a combination of online delivery with face-to-face (on-campus) learning opportunities. Prior to the move to Blended Learning on 5 October, all teaching and learning will continue online.

Students who are unable to be physically present on-campus for face-to-face classes for any reason, will be able to continue their semester online. Students intending to continue with online studies will need to notify the University of their intention by contacting their respective faculty office.


When will classes/teaching start?

The University of Nottingham Malaysia will start the new academic year, as planned in our academic calendar. Classes will begin on Monday 7 September for the foundation programmes and on Monday 21 September for all undergraduate and post graduate taught programmes.

Prior to 5 October, all classes will be online and the Blended Learning approach will begin from Monday 5 October onwards. We are currently finalising the your respective timetables. You will be notified once they are published on our website before the start of the semester.


Will time zone differences affect my online study?

All our sessions are recorded in order to allow students to access these materials at their convenience. Lecturers will continue to meet students via TEAMs to provide additional support to students who are unable to attend the scheduled online lectures due to time zone differences. Each lecturer is required to communicate with students at the beginning of the semester to identify students who cannot attend the scheduled online classes due to time zone differences. Students with time zone differences are advised to contact your respective lecturers. For questions about specific course engagements, students should contact the convenor of the course.


Will class sizes remain the same for those who are returning for face-to-face classes?

A maximum capacity is set for class sizes (including workshops and labs) to ensure we continue to adhere to social distancing requirements and SOPs. 


How will the university manage my attendance and engagement?

We will continue to capture your attendance and engagement using Instatt, which is our attendance capturing application. This semester we will use Instatt to capture attendance for both face to face and online classes. Please ensure that you download the Instatt application onto your mobile devices from either Google Play or Apple Store.


How will assessments and examinations be conducted?

All assessments will be either online or through course work. Please contact your school/faculty office if you have further enquiries.


Will the Students’ Association (SA) hold on-campus and online events and activities this semester?

Yes, please refer to the Students’ Association website for more information. The SA team will send out an email to students on its plans for the semester before the start of the academic year.

All activities on-campus will be scheduled to ensure that strict physical distancing requirements can always be maintained. This includes everyone having enough space to stay 1.5m from others etc. Guidance on the usage of facilities for SA activities and games may be found on SharePoint. Students MUST at all times follow the social distancing and SOP (face masks, etc.)


What are the procedures to enter the campus?

Entry into campus will only be through the Main Guard House which is the designated entry point. Other entry points, such as the TTS bridge remain closed. Upon arrival at the Main Guard House students will undergo a body temperature check and using the  MySejahtera application, scan the QR code to log their entry. To avoid delays at the entrance, please ensure you have downloaded and registered your details on MySejahtera prior to arriving on campus. Anyone NOT wearing a face mask will NOT be allowed to enter the campus.

If your body temperature exceeds 37.5°C or you exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 such as a cough, sore throat, and/or difficulty in breathing at the entry check point, security officers on duty may immediately refer you to the nearest hospital or health facility for further examination and you will not be allowed to enter the vicinity of the campus.

While on campus, you must at all times continue to adhere to our safety precautionary measures and SOPs, including: temperature checks, symptom monitoring, frequent hand washing, wearing face mask, practicing physical distancing, and providing basic info for movement tracing.


What precautions should I take while I am on campus?

While on campus, all students, staff and visitors must at all times continue to adhere to our safety precautionary measures, such as: temperature checks, symptom monitoring, frequent hand washing, wearing face mask, practicing physical distancing, and providing basic info for movement tracing. And follow our advice on COVID-19 and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) available on SharePoint.

Entry to all buildings will require you to check in using MySejahtera and to have your temperature checked.


What services are available to students on-campus?

From 1 September,  all facilities will be open to students. Students are regularly sent updates via email on the availability of services and facilities on-campus. You may also refer to the relevant department SharePoint for any updates.


Are face masks provided and sanitisers available on-campus?

All students are advised to bring their own face mask and personal hand sanitiser. Nonetheless, the University makes sanitisers available at key public and communal areas around campus e.g. elevators, retails counters, shops etc. Face masks are available for purchase from the on-campus retail stores.


Is the shuttle bus service still available for commute?

Yes. Only routes to Tesco Semenyih and Kajang stations (KMT and MRT) are currently provided. The service is available to all students and staff.

If you are using our shuttle bus, you are required to be scanned for your temperature by the driver on duty upon entry and sign-in (via MySejahtera QR code or log sheet). A face mask is compulsory when you enter the bus. We also encourage students to sanitise their hands before entering the bus and upon exiting. Sanitizers are available on the bus. Students are also encouraged to limit interaction with other passengers on the bus. Each bus can sit up to 44 people but only 22 seats will be made available to allow us to maintain our safety precautionary measures and SOPs, such as practicing physical distancing.

Updates to the bus schedule and routes are sent out periodically to all students via email and is available in our ‘WhereIsMyBus’ mobile app. More information for our transportation services, such as our Standard Operating Procedures and policies may be found on SharePoint.


I stay close to the Kuala Lumpur Teaching Centre (KLTC). May I use the facilities such as the Book Loan Delivery Service

Yes, beginning October, KLTC will be open to all students and staff. KLTC facilities and services, such as discussion rooms, PC lab, book loan delivery service and printing will also be available. Opening hours are on weekdays, 9am – 5.30pm. Information on available library services can be found on SharePoint.


Are food and beverage services available on-campus and may I eat at the cafeteria?

Yes, food and beverage services are currently available at the cafeteria. Arrangements have been made for limited dine-in at the cafeteria. Students are encouraged to have takeaway orders.

Floor markings will indicate where you need to wait for your order while following physical distancing requirements, and hand sanitizers are available at all sales counters.

We regularly send out updates via email on service opening times for all on-campus retail outlets. If you have further queries, you can also reach out to the Campus Services team.


May I receive external food deliveries when on-campus?

Yes, students are only allowed to receive and pick up their food and beverage orders at the main Guard House. Food delivery vehicles (including motorbikes), food trucks, etc. will not be allowed to come into campus or drop-off items at the halls of residence. Likewise, pick-up and drop-off points for taxis and ride hailing /ridesharing services (e.g. GRAB, SOCAR) will also be at the main Guard House.


How do I check-in to my on-campus accommodation?

To allow the University to better manage the staggered arrival and check-in of students into their on-campus accommodations, all new and returning students are required to provide their arrival details here. This will allow our accommodation team to anticipate your arrival and assist with your check-in. New students will also be provided with a welcome pack. 

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