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I was brought up in relatively humble conditions and I had to go through a lot of adversities during my formative years.  Fortunately my studies were reasonably good and I was able to enter University.  In the University I chose engineering, because I believe engineering, through the use of science and technology, can change life.  I have always kept this mantra throughout my career, in the hope that I can use my knowledge to change my own life, others life and the community-at-large for the better.

As the Dean, I would like to bring this mantra to the faculty and ensure our students pursue our education with passion, with the vision of changing lives and the world for the better.  The education our student receives here are not only technical knowledge, but we provide every possible opportunity to enhance our students’ experience, especially in applying these know-hows they acquire in serving the community.  The faculty is here to help everyone, academic staff and students, to achieve this mission through close collective engagement.  We also ensure our research are close to the industry and hopefully we can bring these research into the classrooms to expose to our students to the state-of-the-art technologies.

As I mentioned, I have witnessed a lot of hardships in the world and I believe it is an engineer’s mission to tackle these hardships through their knowledge.  In this part of the world, we have problems in the environment, resources, energy, food, health, all these can be tackled innovatively in one way or the other through the use of technologies.  We wish to ensure our education provides the necessary exposition to our students hoping they will one day solve these pressing problems. We also ensure our research are in line with this mantra to address them. More importantly we wish to use University of Nottingham, a hallmark of internationalisation, as a platform to widen the international horizon of our faculty and our students, and ensuring our quality product, our world-class research are not only a local gem, but a real contribution to the world-at-large.

We aim to become to engineering of choice, providing an international education experience in the region: as an academy, as a research institute, as a consultant, as a think tank for the community.

The University is undergoing an exciting phase of change itself, and of course this is change for the better.  We are currently undergoing a revamp of our education to provide stronger engagement with our students.  We are building new laboratories to accommodate our facilities and for the new curriculum.  Our curriculum will be more project-based to enhance students’ independent, versatile problem-solving skills. We are also going to through a phase of technological modernisation and we shall witness a more extensive use of social media, technology in our education and our operation to increase our performance and efficiency.

I look forward to working with our faculties, our students, our researchers in this new era, and I hope everyone can endorse our mantra of changing lives for the world.

Thank you

Professor Andy Chan
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
Malaysia Campus

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