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 Report for book launch



Professor Dominic C. Y. Foo has recently published the 2nd edition of his textbook - Chemical Engineering Process Simulation with Elsevier/IChemE.  Following the publication of the book, Professor Foo did a book launch on 24 Oct 2022 at the international conference of Energy, Environment and Digital Transformation held at Milan, Italy. 

Professor Foo initiated the book launch by giving an overview of the new edition of the book. He explained that the book consisted of 5 sections, with section 1 outlining the basic steps in constructing a process simulation model (e.g. simulation algorithm, component addition, thermodynamic models), while sections 2 – 5 has the guides and various case studies built on simulation software in the market.  He also explained that many universities do not have proper teaching of process simulation.  In most cases, students are left to pick up the software by themselves, as if they are playing “computer games”.  Hence, it is important to have some structured material to assist the teaching of process simulation, in order train the new generation of engineers in mastering this important skillset upon graduation. 

Professor Foo then invited the IChemE President Professor David Bogle to say a few words regarding the book.  Professor Bogle said “I haven't seen such a comprehensive book in this area.  It is based around popular software with a particularly broad and impressive set of examples to help guide good practice and understanding.”

Professor Foo is the Chair for Education Special Interest Group (EdSIG) Malaysia Chapter.  Prior to the book launch event, Professor Foo conducted a hands-on process simulation workshop at University of Surrey, Guildford UK on 19 Oct 2022. The workshop was organised by EdSIG and hosted by Dr Michael Short of University of Surrey.  A total of 24 participants from various universities in the UK attended the workshop, which include academics, early career researchers and postgraduate students.

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