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Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Pau-Loke SHOW is the president and founder of International Bioprocess Association. He also the director of sustainable food processing research center and co-director of Future Food Malaysia Beacon of Excellent in University of Nottingham Malaysia. He is a Full Professor at Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Nottingham, Malaysia. He successful obtained his PhD in two years' time after he graduated his bachelor's degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia. He currently is a Professional Engineer registered with the Board of Engineer and Chartered Engineer of the Engineering Council UK and Professional Technologies registered from Malaysia Board of Technologists. Prof Ir. Ts. Dr. Show obtained the Post Graduate Certificate of Higher Education (PGCHE) in 2014, and now a fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK. Since he started his career in 2012, he has received numerous prestigious domestic and international academic awards, including ASPIRE Malaysia Award 2020, Nation Young Scientist 2019 Award, ASEAN-India Research and Training Fellowship 2019, The DaSilva Award 2018, JSPS Fellowship 2018, Top 100 Asian Scientists 2017, Asia's Rising Scientists Award 2017 and Winner of Young Researcher in IChemE Award 2016. He has graduated more than 12 PhD students & 4 MSc students and currently supervising 13 PhD students and has published more than 300 journal papers in less than 8 years of his career. His publications have been cited over 5000 times over the past 5 years. His current h-index is 34, placing him among the leaders of his chosen field (Microalgae Technology). He is also the Primary Project leaders for more than 25 projects from International, National, and Industry Projects, with total amount more than MYR5.0 million. He is now serving as an editor-in-chief in Current Nutrition & Food Science, editor in Scientific Report (IF: 4.011), Journal of Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology (CiteScore: 2.80) and, Advanced Biotechnology and Experimental Therapeutics, Associate Editor at Bioengineered, Taylor & Francis (IF: 2.205); Current Biochemical Engineering, Bantam Science; The Open Microalgae Biotechnology, Bantam Open; Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Experimental Therapeutics; Innovative Technology and Management Journal (ITMJ), editorial board member in Biochemical Engineering Journal (IF: 3.475), Bioengineered (IF: 2.205), BMC Energy, International Journal of Bioprocess and Biotechnological Advances, He also managing lead guest editor for many well reputation journals, examples, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Elsevier (IF: 9.038); Biofuel Research Journal, Elsevier (IF: 7.038); Environmental Pollution, Elsevier (IF: 6.792); Chemosphere, Elsevier (IF: 5.778) ; Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, Springer (IF: 2.277); Bioengineered, Taylor & Francis (IF: 2.205); Processes, MDPI (IF: 2.8); Energies, MDPI (IF: 2.707); Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, Elsevier; Frontiers in Energy Research, Frontiers; BMC Energy, Springer Nature; Materials Science for Energy Technologies, KeAI; Current Nutrition & Food Science, Bentham Science. Prof Show is also an active regular reviewer for more than 100 esteemed international journals published by Elsevier, Wiley, Springer, ACS, RSC and Taylor & Francis publishers. He has been recently awarded as 8 Top Peer Reviewer 2019 powered by Publons (Top 1% of Reviewers in Global Top Peer Reviewer Awards in Engineering, Global Top Peer Reviewer Awards in Cross-Field, Global Top Peer Reviewer Awards Chemistry, Global Top Peer Reviewer Awards in Biology and Biochemistry, Global Top Peer Reviewer Awards in Agricultural Sciences) since 2017. He has acted as a handling editor for more than 250 submitted manuscripts in numerous journals.

Other professional web links of Prof Ir Ts Dr Show:

Prof Ir Ts Dr Show involves in the following editorial activities:

  1. Editor, Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Experimental Therapeutics
  2. Editorial board member, BMC Energy (Springer Nature)
  3. Editorial board member, International Journal of Bioprocess and Biotechnological Advances (SciTech Central)
  4. Editorial board member, Current Nutrition & Food Science (Bentham Science)
  5. Editorial board member, Bioengineered (Taylor & Francis)
  6. Editorial board member, Biochemical Engineering Journal, Elsevier BV
  7. Guest editor, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, Springer Verlag
  8. Guest editor, Advanced Biofuels for CO2 Mitigation (BMC Energy, Springer Nature)
  9. Guest editor, Green Technologies: Bridging Conventional Practices and Industry 4.0 (Processes, MDPI)
  10. Guest editor, Food Technology: Bridging Conventional Practices and Industry 4.0 (Current Nutrition & Food Science, Bentham Science)

Professional involvement of Prof Ir Ts Dr Show:

  1. Board of Engineer Malaysia - Professional Engineer (PEng)
  2. Engineering Council UK (ECUK) - Chartered Engineer (CEng)
  3. Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) - Member (MIChemE), and Nottingham University Malaysia Campus representative for Biochemical Engineering Special Interest Group (BESIG)
  4. Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) (Graduate Member; MIEM),
  5. The Higher Education Academy, UK - Fellow (FHEA)
  6. Peer & Alumni Support Group, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) - Active Member
  7. Young Scientists Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia (YSN-ASM) - Affiliate Member
  8. Asian Federation of Biotechnology (AFOB) - Ordinary Member
  9. Gender Equality in Nottingham (GEN, WiSET) - Communications Officer

Important awards of Ir Ts Dr Show:

  1. The DaSilva Award 2018, Society for Biotechnology, Japan
  2. JSPS Fellowship 2018, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan
  3. Top Reviewer Award 2017 - Bioresource Technology, Elsevier (Q1, IF: 5.651)
  4. Top 100 Asian Scientists 2017 - Asian Scientists Magazine
  5. Silver Award - International Conference and Exposition on Inventions by Institutions of Higher Learning (PECIPTA) 2017, Terengganu, Malaysia
  6. Asia's Rising Scientists 2017 - The Asian Scientist Newsroom
  7. Winner, Young Researcher Award, IChemE Malaysia Award 2016 [link 2] [link 3] [Link 4]
  8. Highly Cited Paper of the Year Award, Biotechnology Journal 2016
  9. Reviewer of the Year 2016, Journal of Biotechnology for Biofuels
  10. Most Cited Journal of Biotechnology Articles Award, Journal of Biotechnology since 2012 till 2018
  11. Highly Commended, Young Researcher Award, IChemE Global Award 2015
  12. Silver Award, Invention, Innovation & Design Exposition (IIDEX) 2015, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam
  13. Best paper award, BioTech Conference 2015, Prague
  14. Platinum Research Award, Research Division, The University of Nottingham (Year 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015)
  15. Gold, Publication Award, Faculty, The University of Nottingham (Year 2016 and 2017)
  16. School of Graduate Inaugural Stories for Inspiration 2012, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
  17. Best scores in the Faculty for the Top 5 University Student Evaluation Teaching (SET) below 1.5 (Autumn 2011/2012)

Ir Ts Dr Show's academic and industrial experiences:

  1. Associate Professor, The University of Nottingham Malaysia, Jan 2016 to date
  2. Visiting Professor, Kobe University, June 2018 - September 2018
  3. Invited Fellow, National Chung Hsing University, March 2018
  4. Invited Speaker, National Taipei University of Technology, March 2018
  5. Visiting Scholar, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Yunlin County, Taiwan, June 2017
  6. Assistant Professor, The University of Nottingham Malaysia, September 2012 - December 2015
  7. Visiting Researcher, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan, June & October 2012
  8. Project Engineer, Gai-Tronic Malaysia, September 2011 - September 2012
  9. Teaching Assistant, Universiti Putra Malaysia, September 2010 to September 2012
  10. Research Assistant, Universiti Putra Malaysia, January 2009 to September 2012

Ir Ts Dr Show serves as evaluator/reviewer for the following bodies/journals:

  1. Human Life Advancement Foundation, International
  2. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Taylor University & The University of Nottingham Malaysia
  3. Prototype Development Research Grant Scheme (PRGS), The University of Nottingham Malaysia
  4. PG Link Conference 2017, The University of Nottingham Malaysia
  5. Bioresource Technology, Elsevier Ltd. (Q1, IF: 651)
  6. Biochemical Engineering Journal, Elsevier BV (Q1, IF:2.892)
  7. Algal Research, Elsevier Ltd. (Q1, IF:3.994)
  8. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, American Chemical Society (Q1, IF: 5.951)
  9. Biotechnology for Biofuels, BioMed Central (Q1, IF: 1.969)
  10. Biotechnology Progress, Wiley-Blackwell (Q1, IF: 1.986)
  11. Biotechnology journal, Wiley - VCH Verlag GmbH & CO. KGaA (Q1, IF: 3.649)
  12. Energy Conversion and Management, Elsevier Ltd. (Q1, IF: 5.589)
  13. Separation Science and Technology, Elsevier Ltd. (Q1, IF3.359)
  14. Journal of Cleaner Production, Elsevier Ltd. (Q1, 5.715)
  15. Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, John Wiley & Sons Inc. (Q1, IF:3.135)
  16. Journal of Advanced Research, Cairo University & Elsevier Ltd. (Q1, IF: 0.212)
  17. Journal of Membrane Science, Elsevier BV (Q1, IF: 6.035)
  18. Process Biochemistry, Elsevier Applied Science (Q1, IF: 2.497)
  19. Energy, Elsevier Ltd. (Q1, IF: 4.520)
  20. Journal of Chromatography A, Elsevier BV (Q1, IF: 3.981)
  21. etc

Ir Ts Dr Show serves as PhD/MSc examiner for the following universities:

  1. Monash University, Australia
  2. Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University, India
  3. Monash Sunway University, Malaysia
  4. University of Malaya, Malaysia
  5. Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
  6. University of Nottingham, Malaysia

Expertise Summary

Areas of Research Experience and Areas of Interest

  • Environmental Biotechnology
  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Integration Upstream and Downstream Bioprocessing
  • Bio-products, Food Processing & Microalgae protein

Teaching Summary

Fundamentals of Engineering Design;

Heat and Mass Transfer;

Food Processing Technology;

Advanced Biochemical Engineering

Research Summary

Principal Investigator & Project Leader

i. Project: Extraction of Lipids from Microalgae Using Liquid Biphasic Flotation (LBF) Method

Financial source: Ventura Agro Entreprise

Duration: 01 September 2020 - 31 August 2023

Amount: MYR 231,600.00

ii. Project: Designing of Simultaneous Cultivation of Spirulina and Extraction of Pigment (phycocyanin) System

Financial source: Biolina Sdn. Bhd.

Duration: 01 Nov 2020 - 31 Oct 2023

Amount: MYR 319,786.00

iii. Project: Organic Rapid energy Composter (OREC) for conversion of food- and bio-waste into renewable energy source

Financial source: MENTARI ALAM EKO (M) SDN. BHD.

Duration: 1st October 2020 - 31st March 2023

Amount: MYR 240,440.00

iv. Project: An investigation on algal proteins partitioning mechanism in ionic liquid biphasic flotation system

Financial source: MyPAIR-PHC-Hibiscus, Ministry of Education, Malaysia

Duration: May 2020 - April 2022

Amount: MYR 45,000.00

v. Project: Study of the separation efficiency of three phase flotation system in protein recovery from Chlorella vulgaris microalgae

Financial source: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Education, Malaysia

Duration: September 2019 - September 2022

Amount: MYR181,300.00

vi. Project: Removal of microalgae protein from rubble golve

Financial source: TwoLink Sdn Bhd

Duration: July 2019 - July 2020

Amount: MYR73,000.00

vii. Project: Coconut virgin oil production based on two-phase system

Financial source: Public-Private Research Network (PPRN)

Duration: July 2019 - September 2020

Amount: MYR24,000.00

viii. Project: Converting wastewater to bioenergy and bio-products using microalgae technology

Financial source: The Society for Biotechnology, Japan

Duration: January 2019 - December 2020

Amount: JPY 300,000

ix. Project title: Efficient recovery and downstream process of valuable bioproducts using aqueous two-phase flotation at industrial scale

Financial source: Prototype Research Grant Scheme (PRGS), Ministry of Education, Malaysia

Duration: January 2016 - December 2018

Amount: RM 110,000

x. Project title: Study of Partitioning Behavior of Ionic Liquids Based Aqueous Two-Phase Systems to Improve Bio-Separation Process of Microbial Lipase from Fermentation Broth

Financial source: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Education, Malaysia

Duration: November 2015 - October 2018

Amount: RM 100,800

xi. Project title: Extraction of bio ingredients from indigenous fruits

Financial source: Research Programme (FoodPLUS), Crops for the Future Research Centre (CFFRC)

Duration: September 2015 - December 2018

Amount: RM 142,415

xii. Project title: Study of Lipase Partitioning Behavior in Ionic Liquids based Aqueous Two-phase Systems to Improve Bio-separation Process of Microbial Lipase from Fermentation Broth

Financial source: MTSF, Malaysia Toray Science Foundation, Science & Technology Research Grant

Duration: June 2015 - May 2017

Amount: RM 15,000

xiii. Project title: Development of an efficient and cost-effective enzyme recovery system using recyclable aqueous two-phase flotation

Financial source: Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI-02-02-12-SF0256)

Duration: January 2014 - December 2016

Amount: RM 193,500

xiv. Project title: Improved downstream processing through phase formation and biomolecular partitioning in aqueous two-phase flotation

Financial source: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Education, Malaysia

Duration: June 2013 - November 2015

Amount: RM106, 000

xv. Project title: Up-scale microalgae culture system integrated with solar power

Financial source: Capital Equipment below 50K (Dean's Budget)

Duration: June 2013 - November 2015

Amount: RM 33,500

xvi. Project title: Extraction and Purification of Green Polymers Using Aqueous Two-Phase System (ATPS)

Financial source: Dean's Scholarship Faculty of Engineering, UNMC

Duration: 1st September 2013 - September 2016

Amount: RM 114,000

xvii. Project Title: Bio-plastic production from microbial lipase using an aqueous two- phase green system

Financial source: Collaboration with Public Universities and Government Agencies

Project period: September 2013 - March 2014

Amount: RM10,000

xviii. Project Title: Product of critic acid from microbial using extractive fermentation aqueous two - phase system

Financial source: Collaboration with Public Universities and Government Agencies

Duration: September 2013 - September 2014

Amount: RM4,000

xix. Project Title: Production of citric acid

Financial source: Dean's Undergraduate Research Scheme 2013 (DURS 2013)

Duration: September 2013 - June 2014

Amount: RM 6,000

xx. Project Title: Studies of aqueous two- phase system

Financial source: Dean's Undergraduate Research Scheme 2014 (DURS 2014)

Duration: June 2013 - September 2014

Amount: RM4,000


I. Project Title: Carbon Dioxide Conversion to Organic Acid for Upgrading of Biogas to Bio-Natural Gas (BioCng)

Financial source: Universiti Tenaga Nasional

Project period: 16th May 2019 - 15th May 2020

Amount: RM30,000

Industrial project with Davis Sdn Bhd (MYR15K): 1 man-day for 12 months project.

Industrial project Boustead Plantation: 1 man-day for 4 months project

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