University of Nottingham Malaysia
Department of Civil Engineering

Programme Educational Outcomes

The Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs, or officially the Educational Aims) of the programme offered at UNMC are:

To produce graduates with the educational basis to achieve chartered engineer status with one of the JBM institutions and the BEM and who will become the industry leaders of the future.

To help students learn:

  •  The principles of engineering science and their application in Civil Engineering
  •  The solution of design problems in Civil Engineering
  •  The professional responsibilities of a Civil Engineer, including safety, risk and sustainability

To help students develop:

  •  Intellectual, conceptual and subject specific skills
  •  Transferable skills including communication, ICT, teamwork, self-reliance and leadership
  •  The broader knowledge of Civil Engineering disciplines expected of future industry leaders
  •  Deeper understanding of selected areas

To give students the responsibility to:

  •  Identify their own higher level learning objectives and plan their own learning
  •  Work independently, be self-motivated and demonstrate initiative

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