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Gnanam Gnanagurunathan

Assistant Professor,



Dr G.Gnanam was in the cellular communication industry for almost 5+ years prior to becoming an academician in this university.

Currently she is a graduate member in IEM and BEM, Member of IET, Senior Member of IEEE and a Fellow of HEA.

She serves the department as the Examination Officer.

Expertise Summary

Her research interest is on printed antennas, metamaterial, antenna measurements and microwave energy harvesting.

In parallel, she has a keen interest in Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) systems and optical communications

Teaching Summary

EEEE1029/1032 - Information & Systems (shared)

EEEE1030 - Engineering Analysis (shared)

EEEE2050 - Electronic Processing and Communications (shared)

EEEE2048 - Contemporary Engineering Themes (shared)

EEEE3096 - Analogue Electronics (shared)

EEEE4131 - Electrical And Electronic Engineering Fundamentals For MSc

Research Summary

Applications of metamaterial in wireless antennas, energy harvesting with metamaterial, wideband antenna design.

WDM systems, dispersion compensation , nonlinear effects

Recent Publications

  • L. J. A. OLULE, G.GNANAGURUNATHAN, N. K. THULASIRAMAN and B.KASI, 2019. Modeling of an electromagnetic bandgap antenna Microwave Optical Technology Letters. Volume61(Issue1), Pages 51-55
  • L. J.A. OLULE and G. GNANAGURUNATHAN, 2019. Appraisal of WPT for Satellite Applications ASM Science Journal,. Volume 12(Special Issue 1),
  • P. K. CHONG, L. J. A. OLULE and G. GNANAGURUNATHAN, 2018. Microstrip Patch Antenna and Three-stage Cockcroft-Walton Rectenna for Wi-Fi Energy Harvesting In: IEEE International RF and Microwave Conference (RFM), 2018.
  • L. J. A. OLULE,, G. GNANAGURUNATHAN, T. N. KUMAR and B.KASI, 2018. Single band RF Energy Harvesting at 5.8 GHz using EBG unit cells In: IEEE International RF and Microwave Conference (RFM), 2018.

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