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Wee Gin Lim

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Wee Gin did his first degree in University College London, UK. He graduated with a 1st class (Hons) in Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1997. He later pursued his PhD in the Australian National University in Telecommunications Engineering from 2000-2003 after spending a few years in the industry.

Teaching Summary

H61CAE - Computer Aided Engineering

H62MMT - Multi Media Technology

H63JAV - Web Based Computing

Research Summary

My research activities include PhD student supervision, publishing research articles, attending conferences and participating in grant applications and work.

I am interested in the following areas of research, mostly within the umbrella of wireless communications: ACE (adaptive channel equalization), selected MIMO and TURBO topics, WSN (wireless sensor networks), and radio propagation.

I have graduated more than 5 PhD students for which I am either the primary or the co-supervisor. I have collaborated with two professors in grant application and work, which were both successfully completed. I continue to submit grant applications almost every year. I have around 20 journal and conference publications/papers.

Selected Publications

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