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Research Expertise

Professor Haider Abbas                                                                                             

  • Control systems

  • Mobile and flying objects

  • Machines and drives

  • Non-volatile memories

  • Real-time with embedded systems

  • Robotics; Manipulators

Professor Dino Isa

  • Intelligent system

  • Machine learning

  • Support vector machine

Professor Amin Malek

  • Optical fibre communications

  • Optical signal processing

  • Transmission systems including advance modulation and multiplexing techniques

  • Wireless communication including RF and microwave

Dr Roselina Arelhi

  • Speech processing (enhancement, compression and automatic recognition) for various fields of application including control systems and also in system modelling

Dr Mumtaj Begam

  • Energy harvesting

  • Nanomaterials for advanced electrochemical power sources such as batteries and super capasitors

  • Power electronics

Dr JG Khor

  • Embedded processor

  • Industrial electronics

  • Medical electronics

  • Software and hardware acceleration systems for internet of things (IoT)

  • System on a chip design and verification

Dr T.Nandha Kumar

  • Approximate computing

  • Emerging non-volatile memory

  • FPGA based design

  • Nano electronics

  • System on a chip design

  • VLSI design

Dr Belle Ooi

  • Embroidery Antennas

  • Inkjet-printing antennas

  • Microstrip Antennas

  • Wideband and Multiband Antennas

Dr Rajkumar Rajprasad

  • Non-destructive testing

  • Renewable energy

  • Remote sensing

  • Support vector machines

  • Signal processing techniques in various domains

  • Text document classification and developing unsupervised learning techniques in real-time systems

Dr Michelle Tan

  • High performance electrochemical sensors based on nanomaterials (glucose, H2O2, DNA, RNA and Protein Antibodies detection)

  • Electrode materials for supercapacitors (graphene, graphene composites)
  • Synthesis and characterisation of graphene and its nanocomposites
  • Development of point of care (POC) diagnostic device - electronics transducer, smartphone based POC

Dr Lim Wee Gin

  • Adaptive optimisation

  • Blind equalisation

  • MIMO

  • Radio propagation

  • Turbo codes

  • Wireless sensor networks

Dr G.Gnanam

  •  Applications of metamaterial in wireless antennas

  • Dispersion compensation

  • Energy harvesting with metamaterial

  • Nonlinear effects

  • Wideband antenna design

  • WDN systems

Dr Nafizah Kahan

  • Aerospace

  • Wireless communication

Dr Grace Soo Yong

  • Antennas and propagation

  • Channel measurement

  • Electromagnetics

  • Fields and waves

  • Propagation prediction and modelling

  • Ray tracing

Mr S.Anandan

  • Imaging and bioinstrumentation

  • Medical image processing

Dr Wong Yee Wan

  • Artificial neural networks in various applications such as grid-tied power systems

  • Autonomous vehicle control

  • Image/video processing in navigation of autonomous vehicles

  • Standalone hybrid renewable energy systems

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