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MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Interested in Electrical and Electronic Engineering?

Learn more about life as an engineering student from Alexander Gunjau Fowler, Krystal Tan and Ng Ern Yik, all fourth-year MEng students in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 

Alexander talks about his interest in renewable energy, favourite course modules, extra-curricular activities and future career aspirations.

Meanwhile, Krystal discusses why she chose Nottingham, job options and her final project; developing a system which allows her to programme lights around a house from a laptop.

It is a great sense of acheivement when you see that your thing is actually working. Twenty percent of the time is spent designing, and eighty percent of the time is spent troubleshooting, soI like these kind of things where a problem arrives and you try to find what is happening and get a solution for it.


Ng Ern Yik, MEng Electrical And Electronic Engineering





MSc Electronic, Communications and Computer Engineering

Telecommunications has entered our lives unexpectedly fast and it plays a critical role because it's becoming necessary for people from different spheres of activity. Now I have a good opportunity to explore it deeply, therefore improving and developing these systems.


Bakhyt Ishanova, MSc Electronic, Communications and Computer Engineering





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