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Research profiles for School of Mathematical Sciences


Areas of Expertise

Yee Jiun Yap

  • Complex systems

  • Evolutionary game theory

  • Cournot duopoly model in game theory

  • Mathematical modelling in bioengineering

Weang Kee Ho

  • Biostatistics

  • Risk modelling

  • Lifestyle/genetic-disease association analysis

  • Statistical methodology for missing data

  • Penetrance analysis

Betsy Lee

  • Mathematics education

  • Mathematical communication

  • Mathematical problem solving skills

  • Metacognition and the use of technology in teaching and learning mathematics

Mohamad Rafi Segi Rahmat

  • Fractional calculus

  • Continuous and discrete power functions

  • Conformable fractional derivative on time scales

  • Functional analysis on probabilistic metric and normed spaces

  • Fixed point theorem on intuitionistic fuzzy normed spaces

Grace Yap

  • Analysis of long memory time series

  • Financial time series models

  • State space models

  • Hidden Markov models

Wing Loon Chee

  • Nonassociative algebra

  • Moufang loops

  • Algebraic cryptography

Kian Wah Liew

  • Financial risk management

  • Interest rate models and derivatives pricing

  • Probabilistic properties and statistical inference of discrete distributions

  • Pattern recognition and classification

Rosmira Roslan

  • Formal methods system design and safety

  • Boolean algebra design specification

  • State space method

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