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Boon Hoe Goh

Associate Professor; Associate Dean (Accreditation & Industry Liaison),


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Ir Edwin Goh is a professional engineer (PEng) registered with the Board of Engineer Malaysia (BEM). He is a fellow member of Higher Education Academy (UK-HEA), corporate member of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), member of Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT), member of Road Engineering Association of Malaysia (REAM) and HRDF Certified trainer in Malaysia. Ir Edwin Goh is an active member in IEM and is elected as the secretary cum treasurer of Highway and Transportation Engineering Technical Division in IEM (IEM-HTETD).

He completed his Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) in 2012 from University of Nottingham and received his MSc in Highway and Transportation Engineering and BEng in Civil Engineering (Hons.), both from Universiti Putra Malaysia, in 2005 and 2001, respectively.

Prior to joining Nottingham, he was with Universiti Industri Selangor (2004-2006), INTI College Subang Jaya (2002-2004), Prime College (2004) and ITJ Kolej (2004), responsible as lecturer; and as Research Associate from Road Safety Research Centre, Universiti Putra Malaysia (2001-2002).

He joined Nottingham in 2006 as the pioneer team to setting-up the School of Civil Engineering and currently he is the senior academic staff teaching the transportation engineering related modules. His teaching evaluations have been highly ranked by all students from various academic institutions.He is one of the recipients for Chancellor Award 2012 and Vice Chancellor Medal 2018, awarded by University of Nottingham, in recognition of contributions made to the quality of teaching in School of Civil Engineering, as well as achievement in professional outreach. He is also the Silver Medal winner in UPM Design and Research Exhibition 2003, organised by Universiti Putra Malaysia; and his undergraduate thesis was selected as the best final year project, awarded with "Hadiah Perunding Bakti".

Teaching Summary

Module Convener / Project Advisor for :

  • Portfolio of Civil Engineering Studies II (CIVE2047/H22POR) - Coordinator & Workshop facilitator
  • Traffic Engineering (CIVE3045/H23T01) - Module convenor
  • Highway & Pavement Design (CIVE4072/H24PSH) - Module convenor
  • Highway & Infrastructure Evaluation & Maintenance (CIVE4071/H24HEM) - Module convenor
  • MSc Civil Engineering Research Project Preparation (CIVE4108/H24CPP) - Supervisor/Advisor
  • MSc Civil Engineering Research Project (CIVE4063/H24CPR) - Supervisor/Advisor
  • MEng Individual Investigative Project (CIVE4048/H24A04) - Supervisor/Advisor
  • BEng Investigative Project (CUVE3033/H23A13) - Supervisor/Advisor
  • Industrial Training (ENGR3001/H13IDT)

Previous Teaching and Supervision :

Taught Modules :

  • Pavement Engineering (H23P01) - Module convener
  • Traffic Engineering (H24T01) - Module convener
  • Transport Infrastructure (H22IS3) - Module convener
  • BEng Investigative Project (H23A13) - Coordinator
  • BEng Group Design Project (H23GDP) - Advisor
  • MEng Investigative Project (H24A04) - Supervisor/Advisor
  • MEng Group Design Project (H24A03) - Module convener
  • Sustainable Transport Planning (H21IS1) - Module convener
  • Engineering Surveying 1 (H21V11) - Module convener
  • Transport Issues (H21IS1) - Module convener
  • Hydraulics and Geotechnics 1 (H21HG1) - Module convener & Coordinator
  • Engineering Communication: AutoCAD (H21ECM) - Module convener & Coordinator
  • Geotechnics 1 (H21G11) - Module convener
  • Surveying and Management 1 (H21VM1) - Module convener & Coordinator
  • Survey Field Course (H21VSP) - Module convener & Coordinator
  • Structures and Materials 1 (H21SM1) - Module convener & Coordinator
  • Structures and Materials 2 (H22 SM2) - Module convener & Coordinator
  • Forms of Transport : Highway Engineering (H22 IS3) - Module convener & Coordinator

Project / Research Based Modules :

  1. MSc Research Project Literature Review (H24PLR)
  2. MSc Research Project Organisation and Planning (H24POP)
  3. MSc Civil Engineering Research Project (H24CPR)
  4. Civil Engineering in Context Project (H23A14) - Module coordinator & Project supervisor
  5. Civil Engineering Research Preparation (H24ERP) - Project supervisor
  6. Civil Engineering Research Project Organisation and Design (H24POD) - Project supervisor
  7. Group Project (H21ECM) - Module coordinator & project supervisor

Research Summary

Engineering Education in Civil Engineering Discipline : The research focuses on the evaluation and measuring the Outcome Based Education (OBE) implemented on Civil Engineering Degree Programmes at… read more

Selected Publications

  • Chair of Faculty Marketing Committee
  • Chair of Faculty Moodle Working Group
  • Space and Facilities Committee (formerly)
  • Timetable Officers Working Group (formerly)
  • Academic Library Group Committee (formerly)
  • Website maintenance and Liaison (formerly)

Current Research

  • Engineering Education in Civil Engineering Discipline : The research focuses on the evaluation and measuring the Outcome Based Education (OBE) implemented on Civil Engineering Degree Programmes at UNMC. (Research Grant : DURS 2012 and Nottingham Teaching Development Fund 2012-2014 )
  • Concrete and Structure Design : Experimental research on recycling construction waste. (Research Grant : DURS 2012)
  • Pavement Materials : Experimental research and study on new substitution materials to enhance the road pavement performance.
  • Road Safety and Geographical Information System (GIS) : Software development and integration of national road accident database for identifying and prioritizing accident prone location (Blackspot). (Research Grant : IRPA and MSP)

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