University of Nottingham Malaysia
Faculty of Engineering


Centre of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials 

Actively engaged in a broad and as well as in cutting-edge research activities in nano and advanced materials for a variety of novel technological applications.


Objectives/ Projects

  • Nanoengineering of advanced functional materials (Nanophotocatalysis and organic photovoltaic applications)
  • Microfluidics and miniaturization technology (Aerospace and molecular biology application)
  • Enhanced extrusion and molding technology (Polymer and composite processing)
  • Fabrication of novel bio-scaffold and brushite materials (Tissue engineering)
  • Development of highly efficient nano-ion storage materials (Nanoelectronics)
  • Utilization of ultrasonic cavitation technology (Pharmaceutical nanoemulsion generation)
  • Advanced nanomaterials synthesis (Using soft-chemistry templating technique)



Faculty of Engineering

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