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SMLC graduates, Mae Vonne and Jia Ming attended INUSHARTS in Depok

From the 28th to 30th of August 2017, two fresh graduates, Lim Mae Vonne and Yap Jia Ming have participated in the second International Young Scholars Symposium of Humanities and Arts (INUSHARTS) hosted by the Faculty of Humanities at Universitas Indonesia. 


Registration fees for the symposium and accommodation fee were all waivered by Universitas Indonesia. On top of that, travelling expenditures were partially funded by The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. 

More than 300 young scholars and some professors have attended this international symposium, with 175 papers presented in total for the symposium. The symposium provided a rare opportunity for (senior) undergraduate students to present their ideas, insights and informative findings of their final thesis in their respective fields of study. Many current issues revolving around the spectrum of humanities and arts were extensively studied. It also served as a platform for fellow scholars to interact with one other, thus providing the opportunity for further exchange of perspectives, critical feedbacks and discussions. A panel of brilliant and distinguished global speakers have also shared their researches and engaged in an eye-opening insightful discussion. 


During the symposium, Mae Vonne has presented her thesis, titled Gender in The Gym: Understanding the Factors that Influence Women’s Choice of Participation in Weightlifting in Malaysia. Her paper serves as a significant preliminary study of gender issues in a gym setting in an Asian context; thus, addressing the existing research gap. The unique focus on gender issues in accordance to a sport like weightlifting has garnered the interests and curiosities of many fellow young international scholars. Likewise, Jia Ming has delivered her paper entitled Wanita, Mingguan Wanita and 风采 Feminine: Idealised Femininity for the Modern Malay and Chinese Malaysian Woman. Her paper examines the diverse and contradictory discourse of modern womanhood in three women’s magazines catered to the modern Malay and Chinese woman in Malaysia; which was again, another interesting presentation to fellow young scholars. 


Following the conference, both of their final year theses have been accepted and are highly recommended for Scopus-Indexed proceeding. The publishing of their dissertation papers into a journal article can be expected to be completed very soon.

Posted on 20th September 2017

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