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FAQs are available on this page. If these don’t answer your query and you have any technical issues, please contact the IT Service Desk or you can ask your Faculty Office, the Student Services Centre or other services for additional support.  

What is MyNottingham?
MyNottingham is the new administrative portal for applicants, students and staff to access services and data. MyNottingham interfaces with Campus Solutions. Campus Solutions brings financial, admissions and student records together in one system across all three of our campuses.


What device can I use to access MyNottingham?
As a browser-based system, MyNottingham can be accessed from any location across a variety of devices, 24hrs a day. However, it is not an app and is best viewed on a computer. 


What is the main functionality available?
The range of available services is tailored to the individual experience of each user. For students, financial information, support, personal and tutor details will all be available from February. The current release of MyNottingham at UNMC is the very first iteration of the system. It will evolve over subsequent releases with more functionality being made available as we progress, such as facilities for module enrolment and applying for placements.


Will I be notified of actions or events?
Yes. MyNottingham maintains a 'To Do' list of some key actions. This will be integrated with events in the University calendar as the system is further developed.


If I need help with something, what should I do?
You can use the 'Support' section for requests including Disability Support, Financial Support or a Change in Study Plan. If you have a technical issue, please email the IT Service Desk or call +60 3 8924 8199.


What if I want to speak to someone about an issue or query in person?
You can drop in to your Faculty Office or the Student Services Centre. If your queries relate to admissions, finance or registration, you can also drop in to the relevant office.


I have forgotten my password. What do I do?
On the login screen, click the relevant link below 'Forgotten password?' Students should use their University email addresses to do this. Applicants can either use the user ID which was emailed to you, or use the email address. A new password will then be emailed to you. If you continue to have problems, please email the IT Service Desk or call +60 3 8924 8199.


How do I change my password?
Click on the arrow next to your name at the top right of the MyNottingham screen.


Does this site have accessibility options?
We hope that the site is accessible for all users but if you encounter particular issues, please contact the IT Service Desk to get support on how to carry out the action and report the accessibility issue so that we can make relevant improvements.



How was my opening balance calculated?

This is the amount due based on all charges and payments before 1 January 2017. For further information about transactions prior to this date, please contact the UNMC Finance Office by calling +6 (03) 8924 8607 or send us an email : 
For international students, email to International Finance
For local students, email to Local Finance 


What transactions are visible in MyNottingham?
All transactions since 1 January. This covers tuition fees, accommodation charges and other charges, as well as payments made and any refunds. If a transaction does not show up immediately, please allow some time for this to be processed and verified by staff before it is visible in the system.


How do I make a payment?
Payments can be made via the 'Pay amount due' button in MyNottingham. Take a look at the Tutorials for managing your finances section. For further information, please take a look at our Paying your fees section. 


How do I request a refund?
In the 'Support' button, click on 'Financial support' and enter the relevant details.


Your records and studies

How do I change my personal details?
Click on your name at the top right corner of the screen and follow the instructions in the Overview of MyNottiingham portal video.


Where can I find my personal tutor's details?
See the 'Advising notes' section. Notes from tutor meetings will also be provided in this area.


How do I view my timetable?
The button in the Timetable section will link you to the SWS system where you can select a course/module. Further University timetable information on the Timetabling website can also be accessed through MyNottingham.


Could you explain this new terminology?
Campus Solutions terminology is fixed, and there are some changes to existing University terms, especially relating to the curriculum. Please refer to the  New Terminology document for further explanation. 


Where can I see grades and exam results?
These are currently accessed through the Blue Castle system.


How do I submit an Extenuating Circumstances claim?
Students have several options to submit an EC: via MyNottingham, self-service PCs at faculty, or dial-in in extreme situations. Click on this EC Claim Process Infographics for the steps.


Document uploads

How do I upload a document in MyNottingham?
Go to 'Manage documents' from the home page and follow the instructions to upload documents such as scholarship letters or other supporting evidence. If your document has been successfully uploaded, it will appear in the section listed 'Uploaded Documents'. 


I have a notification stating that I need to upload a document or complete a task. I have done this, but the notification is still there. Why is this?
Once you upload a document, it then needs to be processed and verified by staff members. Once this processing and verification happens, the notification will disappear. 


I've uploaded the wrong document, how do I take it down? 
You have 60 minutes to take down the document and replace it with an alternative version, if it has been longer than this, then please upload the correct document and contact the IT Service Desk.


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