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Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience

Active Vision
Animal Behaviour
Cognition & Language

Research investigates how humans and great apes allocate vision during the performance of natural actions and complex visuomotor tasks. Research methods involve using portable eye-tracking devices and video cameras explore aspects of gaze in complex environments.


Dr. Neil Mennie

Research aims to study animal behaviour with the goal of enhancing conservation prospects of wild elephants in Malaysia. Research topics include exploiting evolutionary aspects of elephant behaviour to mitigate human-elephant conflict and using psychological strategies to modulate motorist speed and attention on highways passing through elephant-inhabited landscapes.


Dr. Vivek Thuppil

We use multiple techniques (behavioural measures, eye-tracking, and ERPs) to conduct basic and applied research into human cognition and language, focusing on areas, such as bilingualism and multilingualism, language acquisition, recognition memory, word recognition, and speech perception.


Dr. Jess Price

Dr. Christine Leong Xiang Ru

Visual Cognition
Vision & Attention

Research aims to dissect the biological and cultural factors influencing the development of autobiographical memory across the lifespan. Another research aim is to examine the role of the psychological distance of positive and negative events in the development and maintenance of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Dr. Steve Janssen

Our research investigates all aspects of how the human visual system provides us with information about the external world, with a particular focus on face recognition. In our research, we combine information from different sources, such as eye-tracking, EEG-ERP and classical behavioral and psychophysical paradigms.


Dr. David Keeble

Dr. Alejandro Estudillo

Research investigates all aspects of how the human visual system provides us with information about the external world. There is a particular emphasis on eye-tracking, visual attention and psychophysics.


Dr. Steve Janssen


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