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Research aims to develop an understanding of the way people in Malaysia are affected and respond to psychological, emotional and behavioural problems. The research adapts psychological interventions and services that are known to be effective in other countries to the Malaysian context and test their effectiveness. Specific areas of interest include post-traumatic stress disorder, special educational needs and making lifestyle changes to improve outcomes for patients with coronary heart disease.


Dr. Daniel Seal

Our research involves using evolutionary theory to shed light on the human mind and behaviour. We are particularly interested in the kinds of relationships people have with family vs. non-relatives, and whether this varies across cultures. In addition, we are interested in human sex differences.


Dr. Steve Stewart-Williams

Our research focusses on behaviour, cognition, and individual and intercultural differences in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). We study the three cognitive theories in ASD (Executive Functioning, Theory of Mind, and Weak Central Coherence). We aim to compare data from the UK to data from Malaysia, and study whether there are intercultural differences in ASD characteristics (both in individuals with, and without ASD), attitudes towards ASD, and the relation between task and questionnaire data.


Dr. Marieke de Vries


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