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Beacons of Excellence - Solving today's global challenges

Securing sustainable food supplies is just one of the solutions to the pressing problems we face. University of Nottingham supports a new Beacon of Excellence committed to tackling this global challenge with interdisciplinary research lead from within our Malaysia, UK and China campuses.

Future Foods Malaysia - Developing new and resilient crops for the future

In the face of climate change we must develop new, resilient crops. Yields must also increase to feed the additional two billion people expected by 2050. Better access to healthier, safer, more nutritious food is needed in all countries due the growing prevalence of pollutants, nutrient deficiencies and over-processed foods. Future Food Malaysia identifies sustainable local solutions in Asia to the global challenge of feeding a growing population in a changing world. Our mission is to ensure delivery of the appropriate technology to the farmer, food industry and consumer, our research will translate into solutions for the challenge of feeding the people of Asia in healthier and more sustainable ways. Future Foods Malaysia will leverage the University of Nottingham UK’s Future Foods capability across the whole food system from seed to digestion combined with our unique strengths in Malaysia. More specifically, our objectives are to: 

  • discover new technologies that enhance the nutritional value of the food we eat

  • increase food production in ways that use the land responsibly

  • promote ways to sustain oil palm plantations and to manage the value chain for global palm oil

Sustainable food crops

Developing sustainable food crops for the future


Sustainable food processing

Developing sustainable food processing methods for the future


Sustainable palm oil

Sustainable practices for palm oil production