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Active Vision

Our group’s membership spans the Schools of Psychology and Computer Science. We bring inter-disciplinary expertise in cognitive neuroscience to better understand gaze-directed movement in real world settings, and we work with both humans and great apes. Specific questions of interest at the moment concern predictive movements of gaze to areas or objects in the environment: what benefits do these fast eye movements offer? Are these movements for action or for perception?  

We would be delighted to hear from any other organisations working on these topics who might be interested in working with us.   



Active UNM members:

Members ORCiD iD
Neil Mennie 0000-0002-9261-7969
Alejandro Estudillo 0000-0002-7760-318X
Ahamed Miflah Hussain Ismail 0000-0001-8974-2366
Tomas Henrique Bode Maul 0000-0002-3563-1115


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