University of Nottingham Malaysia

Digital Futures

We’re busy working on a description of our Research Group’s capabilities and strategic objectives. More details will be posted very soon. In the meantime, do consider joining as a member especially if you have a research question that could benefit from large-scale data analysis, deep learning or machine learning or are working in digital health.

Active UNM members:

Members ORCiD iD
Amr Adel Hassan Ahmed 0000-0002-7749-7911
Iman Liao Yi 0000-0001-5165-4539
Abigail Lucy Emtage 0000-0001-7763-0076
Asgar Ali 0000-0003-0552-7322
Chong Siang Yew 0000-0002-0040-6575
Ho Weang Kee N/A
Neoh Siew Chin 0000-0001-7024-8528 
Soma Mitra 0000-0001-7045-1550
Ting Kang Nee 0000-0002-7818-3922
Tomas Henrique Bode Maul 0000-0002-3563-1115


Contact person(s):