University of Nottingham Malaysia

Smart Manufacturing

We’re busy working on a description of our Research Group’s capabilities and strategic objectives. More details will be posted very soon. In the meantime, do consider joining as a member.

Active UNM members:

Members ORCiD iD
Lim Chin Seong 0000-0001-9163-8197
Ali Akhavan Farid 0000-0001-6345-231X
Ho Jee Hou 0000-0002-6374-8302
How Ho Cheng 0000-0003-1081-4836
Khameel Bayo Mustapha 0000-0002-9905-9162
Khor Jeen Ghee N/A
Kok Weng Ng  0000-0001-6910-0040
Michelle Tan Tien Tien 0000-0002-0109-3961
Neoh Siew Chin 0000-0001-7024-8528
Teh Sze Hong 0000-0002-4919-2424
Teo Fang Yenn 0000-0002-5529-1381
Tshai Kim Yeow 0000-0001-9141-3887
Veronica Lestari Jauw 0000-0002-6240-273X
Wong Jing Ying 0000-0001-7678-5658


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