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NSE academic invited as Visiting Research Fellow 2014 to Japan


Dr Saumik Paul was a Visiting Research Fellow 2014 at the Institute of Developing Economics, Japan External Trade Organisation (IDE-JETRO) from June to September 2014. He gave two research seminars at IDE-JETRO in July and September, on Skilled Emigration and Exchange Rates: Revisiting the Dutch Disease Effect and Crop Diversification as a Post Conflict Coping mechanism in Cote d’Ivoire, respectively.

During his stay in Japan, he also presented his research paper, The Long Term Effects of Conservation-led Displacement in Nepal: An Anthronomics Approach at the Kyoto University on 30 July 2014 and the research paper, The Likelihood Effects of Industrialisation on Displaced Households: Evidence on West Bengal, India at the Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo in July 2014, at the Graduate School of Economics (GSE) - Osaka Institute for Public Policy (OSIPP) Joint seminar, Osaka University, Japan on 4 September 2014, at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo on 30 July 2014 and at the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), Tokyo on 10 September 2014.

Dr Paul is an Associate Professor and Deputy Head of School of NSE Malaysia. His areas of expertise are development, political economy and labour economics. His work has been published in, among others, World Development, Journal of Developing Studies and Journal of African Economies. 

Posted on 30th September 2014

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