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MCO 1.0

The following are the special arrangements and policies in place during this unprecedented period involving the Movement Control Order (MCO) following a global pandemic caused by COVID-19. 

These arrangements and policies will revert to prevailing SOPs and Policies existing prior to the current MCO (or any extensions) and/or other orders declared by the government of Malaysia.

Check out here for FAQs to MCO 2.0

Check out here for other Accommodation FAQs applicable during non-MCO period.


1. Under what circumstances am I entitled to a refund for Accommodation Rental paid?

Refunds are possible under the following scenarios as stated in the Accommodation Handbook, clause 4.3 reproduced below:

4.3 Refund

a. Refund for payment(s) made earlier to UNM may occur under any of the following situations:

  • Overpayment of rental or any other charges.
  • Check-out before end of semester (billing cycle).
  • Cancellation of room offer by UNM (after payment) if the applicant did not qualify or did not enroll into UNM.
  • Cancellation of room offer by applicant within 14 days before or after course commencement date.

b. Any refunds due to residents will be carried out only after check-out (for those already checked-in) and after confirming loss or damages.

2. What should I do to officially Check-Out during this MCO period from university managed on-campus accommodations?

You will need to:

1) Inform the UNM Accommodation Office via Check Out Form (download here) or email (verbal notifications are not acceptable):

  • Name
  • Student ID number
  • Room number
  • Check-Out Date and Time

2) Return your room key complete with the room number tag; and

3) Vacate your room by removing all your belongings.

Answers to the following questions 3 to 10 will provide alternative arrangements to fulfill these three requirements in view of MCO.

3. What should I do if I have just moved out from the campus without informing UNM?

All international and local students must email the Accommodations Check Out Form (download here) or email the following information (this email must come from your University email address):

  • Name
  • Student ID number
  • Room number
  • Check-Out Date and Time (please provide email, form or notification submitted earlier to Accommodation Office, if any).

4. In view of MCO and the resultant rush, what will be my Official Check-Out Date?

The pandemic and MCO has resulted in some residents leaving their on-campus accommodations on different dates, most without informing the Accommodation Office, some without returning their keys, others without taking their belongings, some thinking they can return soon to campus and many other scenarios.

1) UNM will regard your Official Check-Out Date from any date starting from the date you informed Accommodation Office to Check-Out via email.  Verbal notifications are unacceptable and will not be entertained.

2)  For example, if you have informed Accommodation Office to Check-out on 1st December 2020, you may choose your official Check-Out from 1st December 2020 onwards although you may have left the campus in October 2020.  You therefore cannot backdate your Check-out date.


5. Should I return to campus to return my room key and collect my personal belongings?

NO. International travel restrictions, Movement Control Order (MCO) and the consequential roadblocks in Malaysia will not allow you to travel to campus.

6. How can I return my room key if I am not on campus or cannot travel to campus?

Both international and local students may return your Room Key via courier or registered post.

1) Kindly ensure that you email to: the following:

  • Name
  • Student ID number
  • Room number
  • Check-Out Date and Time
  • Photo of your Room Key with room number tag
  • Shipper/Courier company name
  • Shipper/Courier Tracking number

2) Kindly address/attention your parcel to:

Mr. Nicholas Alexan (CHECK OUT)
Accommodation Office Student Village South
The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus,
Jalan Broga, 43500 Semenyih,
Selangor Darul Ehsan. MALAYSIA

The deadline for returning your room key shall be within 7 days from the date you inform us to check out via email. This deadline is subject to change.  Please note, we will not make any refund (if any) until we are in possession of the room key.

7. What will happen if I do not remove all my personal belongings from the room?

Student may still choose to check-out without vacate their room. Kindly refer to Q8-Q10 for further details.

8. How to be eligible for the RM150 room storage rental?

To qualify for this, the Resident must:   

1. Inform Accommodation Office via email of intention and submit Check-Out form (verbal notification will not be entertained).  

2. Return your room key complete with the room number tag.


9. Anything else important to note on the RM150 room storage rental?

1) This arrangement is only applicable until MCO/CMCO is lifted.

2)  Agreement to this arrangement will automatically terminate your current room offer.

3) Residents who do not complete step 1 - 3 will not be eligible for this special arrangement.

4) This special room storage rental rate of RM150.00 per month shall be valid until August 2021. Depending on the subsequent Check-In date, student will need to pay the room storage rental RM150.00 fee plus the appropriate Room Rental Fee for that month. For example: if the student later Check-In on 16th March 2021, they will need to pay ( RM150 + half month rental for March 2021).   

10. What will happen if I do not remove my belongings or check in before May 2021?

If resident does not check-in by end of May 2021 with a new tenancy, they must collect their belongings. Otherwise, your belongings will be packed and removed to Accommodation Luggage Storage facility on campus, in the presence of representatives from (a) Accommodation Office, (b) Hall Tutors/ Wardens, and (c) Campus Security. During this time, the following charges as stated in the Accommodation Handbook will apply.


11. When can I collect my belongings from campus?

You are only allowed to collect your belongings until such a time it is safe to collect them, e.g. after MCO is lifted and when the government has declared that it is safe to travel.


12. What will it mean if I have officially checked-out from my on-campus accommodations?

You will no longer be invoiced for subsequent quarterly rentals and will not be eligible to stay in on-campus accommodations.  Your Student ID card will be re-programmed to deny your access into the Radius and Nexus hubs and your residential hall.  Should you wish to stay on campus in future, you will need to apply again via:

i) OLAA, or

ii) Complete and email the Short Stay On-Campus Accommodation Application Form (download here) to if your stay is for a few days up to 1 month (eg. May 2021) only.


13. Instead of a refund, can I carry forward the rental payment to the next Academic Year 2021/2022?

No, we would not be able to carry forward your payment to the next intake. If you have chosen to do fully online course, your On-Campus Accommodation offer for April 2020 or September 2020 intake will be withdrawn and you are required to re-apply again to the next available intakes. Kindly complete and email to Accommodation Office your Accommodation Refund Form (download form here).


14. I am a new student (eg. April 2020 Foundation)/ returning student (eg. September 2020) who has accepted the offer for on-campus accommodation.  I have paid my rental as per invoiced and have checked-into my room. Can I get a refund?

No refund will be given if you have checked-in (irrespective of Check-In Date) and staying in the accommodations provided.

15. I have paid my rental as per invoiced and have not checked in. Can I get a refund if I do not want the Credit Note?

YES, if you intend to do fully online course, the full amount paid can be transferred to your Bank Account.  Kindly complete and email to Accommodation Office your Accommodation Refund Form (download form here). However, note that your room as offered and accepted will be cancelled.  Should you wish to stay on campus for the following semester, you will need to apply again through OLAA.

16. When will I normally be billed for my on-campus accommodation rentals?

Our normal quarterly billing cycle for Accommodation Rentals are as follows:

  • March, April and May
  • June, July and August
  • September, October and November
  • December, January and February

17. If I checked-in much later than my indicated Check-In date, will I be entitled to some refund. 

YES.  Accommodation Office will continue to collect full payment for 1st rental invoice in advance.  Based on your actual Check-In Date, Accommodation Office will do an adjustment in your student’s account, and a Credit Note will be added into your next rental bill.  Therefore, in the next quarterly billing, student will just need to pay the remaining balance only.

18. I am a student with accommodations in the private rental sector, eg. Univillage, TTS, Tetris, Tiara East, etc, will I have to pay rental?

As the contractual relationship is between the student and the landlord or company, you may remain liable for charges until the end of agreed contract.  As you are legally liable for your rent, you should continue to pay it, but check if your contract has a break clause and speak with your landlord to see if you can negotiate an agreement with them.

19. What else is important to note?

If you have other enquiries or need further clarifications, kindly contact us at +603 8924 8604 or  The University reserves its rights to vary, change or revoke the above arrangements as deem fit without any notice.  All other terms and conditions stipulated in the UNM Accommodation Handbook shall remain valid and effective.


 Last updated: 16th February 2021

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