University of Nottingham Malaysia

National Recovery Plan Phase 1 (NRP 1)

The following are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to Self-Isolation in UNM on-campus accommodation.  Note that this is a live document, and is subject to change in response to future decisions, directives and announcements from UNM and/or relevant government authorities.

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Last Updated: 15th February 2022.

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1. Is Self-isolation mandatory for students residing in Malaysia?

YES. On-campus students returning from states/areas as identified by the Malaysian authorities (Phase 1,2 and 3 of National Recovery Plan (NRP) are required to self-isolate for 10 days based on two categories below.

  • Category 1 (Self-isolation in your own reserved room):

a) Fully vaccinated residents may return after 2 weeks of vaccination completion.


b) Resident occupying Single Ensuite Bathroom (e.g., DSEB AC, SEB AC).


c) For single room with a shared bathroom (e.g., SSEB AC, SSEB, SSB AC, SSB, TWIN,

    FSB) based on first come first serve basis.


  •        Category 2 (Self-isolation at designated area at Block J ground floor (J2A & J3A)):

                a) Unvaccinated residents or partially vaccinated residents are required to self-isolate in                                    the designated self-isolation rooms.

                b) For single room with a shared bathroom  (e.g., SSEB AC, SSEB, SSB AC, SSB, TWIN, FSB)                        if their room/flat are occupied. 


  •    Fully vaccinated are those who have completed two doses of vaccines (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Sinovac) or one dose of vaccine (Johnson & Johnson, or CanSino).
  • Partially vaccinated are those who have received first dose of vaccines such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Sinovac.
  • Unvaccinated are those who have not receive their vaccine dose(s).
  • You cannot use a Negative Covid-19 PCR test result to be exempted from this self-isolation requirement.
  • Accommodation Office will determine the categories that you fall under.      

2. Who can return to campus?

a) Students are advised to study online from your current location, however, if you face problems with access to the Internet and if the environment you are currently living in is not conducive for studying, you are allowed to apply to study online from campus by moving into our on-campus accommodation.  

b) Based on the current government directives, the option to return to on-campus accommodation for          online study is only applicable to students who fall within the following categories:

    • problems with access to the Internet at home.
    • the current living environment is not conducive to attend the online classes.
    • international students. 
    • students with disabilities.

c) Please complete the relevant online form below to let us know if you are studying online from your            current location or if you wish to return to campus to continue with the online classes.

Online Form:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Science and Engineering

3. When can Malaysian students return to campus?

Students can return to campus from 1st September 2021 onwards.

4. When will face-to-face classes begin?

UNM has decided to conduct all teaching and learning activities fully online for the new academic year starting from September 2021 and until it is safe for us to resume teaching activities on-campus. The University will communicate with students at a later date, on the blended teaching approach once we are able to resume physical classes on campus.

5. How can I travel to the campus?

All Returnees are expected to travel to campus via your own transportation (and obtaining relevant approval/documentation to facilitate travelling, if necessary). You are then allowed to drive into the campus. Those arriving using public transportation, e.g. taxis or e-hailing vehicles will need to disembark at Guardhouse 1 (GH1) main entrance. 

6. I am not fully vaccinated, where do I complete my self-isolation on campus?

UNM has prepared and allocated the following for students that falls under Category 2 (refer Q1):

 Female residents      Ground Floor, J2 Hall (Mabul)
 Male residents        Ground Floor, J3 Hall (Lankayan)
7.How can I return to campus and start my Self-Isolation?

All Returnees are required to inform Accommodation Office online via this link at least three (3) working days before your arrival date.  Your date and time will be confirmed via an email reply, including a notification on whether you need to undergo self-isolation.

The following SOP will then be followed:

  1. You are required to show your arrival date and time to Security at the main entrance.  Kindly adhere to your allocated date and time to prevent over-lapping with other Returnees who are also checking-in.
  2. All people entering the campus must complete and submit a Declaration Form to Security before being allowed into the campus.  Please avoid the 3Cs (crowded spaces, confined spaces, and close contact communication) while practicing the 3Ws (wear masks, wash hands, and warn others) at all times.
  3. You are allowed to register one vehicle for permission to enter campus to your Residential Hall.
  4. Your Self-Isolation Room will be prepared in advance, including a room inspection and nano misting with disinfectant.
  5. For students under Category 2 (refer Q1), please proceed first to the Accommodation Offices @ Radius Hub, where you will be given a temporary self-isolation Room Key.
  6. For students under Category 1 (refer Q1), please proceed first to the Accommodation Office @ Tioman Hall if your own Reserved Room is at I Hall (SV South) or to the Accommodation Office @ Radius Hub if your Reserved Room is at J Hall (SV North).
  7. Those who have accompanied you or assisted you for your return to campus must leave campus within 3 hours of entering the campus.
  8. Those without your own vehicles will be transferred from Guardhouse 1 to SV North or South via campus van or buggy.
8. How will I know if a room is occupied and used as a Self-Isolation Room?

A coloured sticker will be placed at the respective door for easy identification.  We seek the cooperation of all student residents to not remove them.

9. Are the residential halls sanitized? 

Our cleaning team will continue to spray disinfecting solutions along the common corridors at all levels and all  residential halls, with frequency of two times a day.

10. Can I request for room cleaning during self-isolation?

Room cleaning requests for self-isolation rooms will not be provided as a precautionary measure. Such rooms will be cleaned and disinfected after the resident has moved out from the said room.

11. When are the rubbish placed outside the door/room collected?

Cleaners will collect rubbish placed outside the door daily. Therefore, all residents are required to place their respective room rubbish bin outside their own room every morning (before 8am).

12. On-going health monitoring for those residents under-going self-isolation.

Arrangements are being made to check on those staying in the isolation rooms by the Health & Safety department. This will be carried out via phone calls. Kindly ensure that you pick up a phone call / return the call / reply via text. If such calls are not answered promptly or if the responses required further follow-up, staff will be despatched to your isolation room.

13. What should I do if I am feeling unwell during my self-isolation period?

Depending on the time of day, you may contact the following. When contacted, you may be required to describe your condition.In the event that you are required to take a COVID-19 test, please note that such costs will be payable by you.

During Office Hours

(Monday – Friday, 9.00 am to 5.30 pm)

On-Campus Clinic.

Hall Tutors or Accommodation Office.

Well-Being Office.

After Office Hours

Hall Tutors or Hall Wardens.


During ‘After Office Hours’, once the students has contacted the Hall Wardens or Hall Tutors, they will provide assistance and follow-up as required.

Please refer to the Emergency Contact list here for more options and details.

14. I’m under self-isolation but there is a maintenance issue, for example a burned light. What can I do?

For any maintenance issues, please lodge a report by clicking on this link. For safety precautions, you are required to wait outside the room temporarily while the maintenance work is in process. The maintenance team will contact you before attending to your e-ticket.

15. Is the on-campus cafeteria open and food and beverage options available?

YES. The indoor and outdoor cafeteria remain open and most of the food operators continue to operate albeit reduce hours.  All of them provide take-away options, and most accept e-wallet payments besides cash. Dine-In is not allowed currently with strict SOP as per government directives.

16. How can I order food while I am under-going self-isolation in my room?

The following on-campus F&B operators can take your orders for packed food and deliver to you.  Your orders will be placed at a Collection Table located within the ground floor of your hall.  You will need to collect on your own from the Collection Table or make arrangement for someone to collect on your behalf to bring to you (by placing at the Collection Table or hanging your items on the door handle outside your room or placing on the floor next to your room). 

Please refer to regular updates on F&B from Campus Services.


Stall name

Menu Information’s

Mode of Payment

Delivery Charges




013-210 8456                (Mr. Wong)

Cash, Maybank QRpay, Boost, Grabpay & TnG




WhatApps only

018-247 7791   (Mr.Nabil)

Cash, Grabpay & Bank transfer



South Indian

WhatApps only

012-661 5394              (Mrs. Nisha)

Cash, TnG & Boost




Call and WhatApps  011-1191 4671            (Mr. King)

Cash & TnG




Temporary closed and resume operational on 4th week of March 2022.              




012 – 385 0439 

(Mr. YK)               

Cash, Maybank QRpay, Boost,Grabpay,  Alipay & TnG

Meal price above RM15.00 – FOC

Meal price below RM15.00 – RM2.00 per delivery


Lizi Kitchen Asian Fusion (Bistro 3)

WhatApps only

011 -6050 2489 

(Ms. Lily)

Cash & Bank transfer/QR Pay

RM1.00 per delivery 




012 – 385 0439 

(Mr. YK)

Cash, Maybank QRpay, Boost,Grabpay, Alipay & TnG

Meal price above RM15.00 – FOC

Meal price below RM15.00 – RM2.00 per delivery

17. How do I collect my order from off-campus suppliers?

This will include online purchases from Lotus’s, or food deliveries via Grab, Foodpanda or similar, who will deliver your items up to Guardhouse 1 (GH1) main entrance.   Your items will be transferred from GH1 to the Collection Table located at your hall by the Internal Loop buggy driver (who follow a 30 minute per loop trip schedule during Office Hours).  As such, please expect some delays and “special” request for immediate or After Office Hours delivery cannot be entertained. Buggy service will not available when it’s raining and deliveries will be delayed until the rain stops. You will need to collect your items from the Collection Table or make arrangements for someone to collect on your behalf and place it outside your room.

18. Can I refill my water bottle at the water dispenser during the self-isolation period?
Yes. You may use the water dispenser nearest to your self-isolation room.
19. How can I do my laundry during the self-isolation period?

Although the university has self-service laundry facilities, you are not allowed to use them as it will mean you leaving your room. If necessary, do your necessary laundry within your own bathroom or wait until after your self-isolation period is over to use the coin-operated washing and dryer machines. Those not under-going self-isolation may use the self-service laundromats as usual, while observing prevailing health and safety SOPs.

20. Can I leave my room to use on-campus facilities, buy things or to pack food?

If you are within the self-isolation period, you are not allowed to leave your room to make purchases from 7-Eleven, MyNews, use the ATM, collect your mail/parcels from Mailroom or use the other facilities even if they are open (eg. Library, PC labs, classrooms, labs, etc.) Alternatively, you may make arrangement for someone to purchase on your behalf and bring the item(s) to you (by placing at the Collection Table).

21. Can I leave my room to visit my friends staying in the same residential hall?

NO. If you are within the self-isolation period, please remain in your self-isolation room.  Please be considerate and do not visit your friends to minimize contacts with others as anyone may be a positive carrier without knowing or showing any symptoms. Similarly, we are discouraging those residents staying on upper floors to not enter the ground floor areas of J2, J3 and J4.
22. Do I need to take a COVID-19 Swab Test before the end of my Self-Isolation period?

NO. However, you may choose to take this test at your own cost for your own peace of mind.  You may contact the on-campus clinic for this service.

23. If I do not need to undergo self-isolation, can I walk around campus and use the facilities?

YES.  However, we encourage you to minimize walking around or traveling outside campus to minimise contacts with others.   Those not under-going self-isolation may use available campus facilities (some may remain closed) while observing prevailing health and safety SOPs, eg. wearing face mask, social distancing, frequent hand washing, etc. 

24. If I do not need to undergo self-isolation, can I leave the campus?

NO. You are not allowed to leave the campus, except for medical reasons or to purchase groceries.  Shuttle bus services to and from Super Seven Vista Valley Semenyih will continue to operate (Please refer to regular updates on transportation from Campus Services). Kindly show your documentary proof of traveling to Security upon your return.
25. How can I identify someone who is undergoing self-isolation on campus?

All residents under-going self-isolation in on-campus accommodation must wear a coloured wrist tag.  This tag will be removed at the end of their self-isolation period. Residents who remove their tag before the end of the self-isolation period could face severe penalties.

26. Where should I assemble in case of emergencies like a fire or flood?

For students undergoing self-isolation, please assemble at the Ground Floor of the Radius Building. This will be used as a temporary assembly point. If the situation requires a power shutdown, students who are self-isolating will assemble at the Ground Floor classrooms in F4 (Tuanku Zahra Teaching Centre).
27. What are the Process of evacuating self-isolating students?

a) Self-isolating students will be prioritized to be escorted out from the building.

b) Hall Tutors and Hall Wardens will be alerted and assist the isolation students according to the registered list for isolation provided by Accommodation Office.

c) They will be instructed to walk to the designated area, and 1 or 2 Hall Tutors will be assigned at the area for head counting of the isolation students.

d) If the situation requires power shutdown, Security Office will assist to unlock the F4 ground floor classrooms and to standby 1 or 2 personnel at the place to monitor movement of isolation students.

e) Once settled, Hall Tutors and Hall Wardens (who involved) will continue to assist other residents (non-isolation students) for evacuation.

f) Any other support will be arranged and provided after the evacuation process is completed, including for non-isolation students.

g)In-case of fire emergency (happening at any Halls designated with isolation rooms). The isolation students will be assemble straight at F4 ground floor classroom.


28. I am an international students now staying outside Malaysia, can I travel to campus?

YES and NO. Many countries including Malaysia has its own set of border controls and travel restrictions. Please refer to the latest email sent by the International Student Support (ISS) team on 9th July 2021, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or International Student Office for further details.

29. I am an international student arriving to Malaysia, can I self-isolate at the campus?

International students (that are not affected by travel restriction) arriving in Malaysia are required to be quarantined at locations designated by the Malaysian authorities. You will travel directly to the quarantine centre from the airport. All expenses will be paid by the students. Please get in touch with International Student Support before you travel as they will provide more information on the quarantine process (fees, duration etc). Do inform them of your quarantine centre or allocated hotel and update them on the process. They will arrange your transport to the campus once you have completed your quarantine.

30. If the quarantine period ends at the designated Quarantine Centres, do I still need to under go Self-Isolation on UNM’s on-campus Accommodation?

NO. You are allowed to check-in on your actual room.

31. How do I inform my arrival to the Accommodation Office?

To allow UNM to better manage the staggered arrival and check-in of students into their on-campus accommodations, you are required to provide your arrival details here at least three (3) working days before your arrival date. This will allow our Accommodation team to anticipate your arrival and assist with your check-in. 

For further information on accommodation arrangements please write to our Accommodation Office and we will assist you accordingly.

Accommodation Office

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
Jalan Broga, 43500 Semenyih
Selangor Darul Ehsan

telephone: +6 (03) 8924 8604
fax: +6 (03) 8924 8657