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National Recovery Plan Phase 3 and 4 (NRP 3 & 4)

The following are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) during the National Recover Plan Phase 3 and 4 effective from 15th October 2021. Note that this is a live document, and is subject to change in response to future decisions, directives and announcements from UNM and/or relevant government authorities.

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Last Updated: 14th June 2022

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1. How can I apply for an on-campus accommodation?

All applications by New Students or Returning Residents must be made through the On Line Accommodation Application (OLAA) portal. Applications will be based on first come, first served basis and room availabiltiy. 

2. How do I inform my arrival to the Accommodation Office?

To allow UNM to better manage the staggered arrival and check-in of students into their on-campus accommodations, you are required to provide your arrival details here at least three (3) working days before your arrival date. This will allow our Accommodation team to anticipate your arrival and assist with your check-in. Your date and time will be confirmed via an email reply. 

3. If my check-in is delayed than my indicated check in date, will I be entitled to some refund?

Your rental charge will be based on your official check in and check out date. 

Accommodation Office will collect full payment for first rental invoice in advance. Based on your actual Check-In Date, Accommodation Office will do an adjustment in your student’s account, and a Credit Note will be added into your next rental bill.  Therefore, in the next quarterly billing, student will just need to pay the remaining balance only.

In the case that you do not check in at all before the offer duration (as stated in your room offer), you may request to cancel the room offer and request for refund (if you have made the payment) via email.  

4. I am not fully vaccinated; Can I enter the campus?

Please be informed that only fully vaccinated students are allowed to check in to their on-campus accommodation.

You will only be considered fully vaccinated 14 days (2 weeks) after receiving your second dose of the Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Sinovac vaccine.

Individuals who have received the Johnson & Johnson or CanSino vaccine will only be considered fully vaccinated 28 days after receiving their jab.

However, students arriving from EMCO area are not allowed to enter the campus.

5. I am a student residing in Malaysia, do I need to undergo self-quarantine upon returning to campus?

Effective from 15th October 2021, fully vaccinated students returning from within Malaysia (including Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan) are not required to undergo self-isolation and may check in to their on-campus accommodation.

6. I am an international student arriving to Malaysia, can I self-isolate at the campus?

International students arriving in Malaysia are required to undergo quarantine at Quarantine Centres designated by the Malaysian authorities or home quarantine. If you are to undergo the quarantine at the designated centres, than you will travel to the Quarantine Centre directly from the airport with the transportation arranged for you from the airport itself.  Such arrangements are payable by the student.

International students who have completed their quarantine there, will then be transferred to campus using the University's transportation. International students are advised to inform the International Student Support team on which Quarantine Centre you have been allocated to and to keep them updated on your quarantine process. This can be done by emailing to

If you have selected home quarantine, please be reminded that home quarantine is not available on campus therefore you will be assigned to do the quarantine at Univillage.

7. Do I need to take a COVID-19 Swab Test before check-in?

NO. However, you may choose to take this test at your own cost for your own peace of mind.  You may contact the on-campus clinic for this service.

YES, if you are returning to Malaysia from overseas.  Please refer to the latest email sent by the International Student Support (ISS) team on 10th October 2021, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or International Student Office for further details.

8. What is an option for Home Quarantine and their price? 

For those who are interested to book your home quarantine with Univillage, kindly refer to the attached revised 7 days package.

Please contact Univillage at for further enquiry on rooms or for any other enquiry.

9. Do I need to apply for any inter-state travelling document from the Faculty Office?

NO. Interstate travel is permitted effective from 11th October 2021, therefore a police permit or Faculty Office letter is no longer needed.

10. What is procedure to check in to my on-campus accommodation?

Before Arriving at Campus

1. For those submit your arrival details, Accommodation Office will check and confirm via return email:

  • Resident status, (application from those not on our records will be rejected).
  • Any outstanding payments (this will need to be fully paid).

2. Allocated date and time: UNM will need to schedule on a First-Come-First Served basis and space out arrival of students to allow for social distancing and other SOPs.

3. Check-in only can be made during Operational Hour, Monday-Friday (9.00 am to 5.00 pm). Applications made during weekends and public holidays will automatically not be processed.

4. Student travelling from Malaysia:

  • Self-checks (everyone travelling with you), body temperature, no symptoms, etc.
  • Students returning from EMCO area are not allowed to check in. 

When Arriving at Campus

1. You are required to show your arrival date and time to Security at the main entrance.  Kindly adhere to your allocated date and time to prevent over-lapping with other Returnees who are also checking-in.

2. You and your parents/guardian will not be allowed entry into campus if you have above acceptable temperature (37.5˚ C), other symptoms, recent travelling history (from a restricted country).

3. You and your parents/guardian need to be classified as ‘low risk’ or ‘low risk casual contact’ in the MySejahtera app to enter the campus.

4. Maximum of two persons such as parent/guardian may accompany a student.

5. Please avoid the 3Cs (crowded spaces, confined spaces, and close contact communication) while practicing the 3Ws (wear masks, wash hands, and always warn others).

6. You are allowed to register one vehicle for permission to enter campus to your Residential Hall.  Vehicles will be allowed into the campus only for the purpose of check-in.

7. Those who have accompanied you or assisted you for your return to campus must leave campus within 3 hours of entering the campus.

8. Kindly proceed to the Radius Building – Accommodation (J Block) or Tioman Hall – Accommodation Office (I Block) to collect your room key. 

11. Are the residential halls sanitized? 
Our cleaning team will continue to spray disinfecting solutions along the common corridors at all levels and all residential halls, with frequency of two times a day.

12. What should I do if I am not feeling unwell during my stay in campus?

If you have started exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, depending on the time of day, you may contact the following. When contacted, you may be required to describe your conditions.  In the event that you are required to take appropriate COVID-19 test, note that such costs will be payable by you.

During Office Hours

(Monday – Friday, 9.00 am to 5.30 pm)

On-Campus Clinic.

Hall Tutors or Accommodation Office.

Well-Being Office.

After Office Hours

Hall Tutors or Hall Wardens.


During ‘After Office Hours’, once the students has contacted the Hall Wardens or Hall Tutors, they will provide assistance and follow-up as required. Please refer to the Emergency Contact list here for more options and details.

13. Can e-hailing services or taxis enter the campus?

All Returnees, including international students residing in Malaysia are expected to travel to campus via your own transportation. You are then allowed to drive into the campus including those arriving using public transportation, e.g., taxis or e-hailing vehicles.

If you wish to engage e-hailing services when you are inside the campus, please login and submit the e-ticketing to the Security Office. Your application will be verified by the Security Department. Please email to for more info.

14. Can external food delivery services enter the campus?
Yes. Effective from 18th October 2021, food delivery personnel may enter the campus beyond the main gate to deliver. However, they cannot enter the Accommodation blocks.
15. What is the procedure to follow for On-Campus Accommodation Tour?
Kindly refer to the attached Q&A for more details.

For further information on accommodation arrangements please write to our Accommodation Office and we will assist you accordingly.