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The University of Nottingham Malaysia grants scholarships to deserving and academically excellent students in recognition of their achievements.

Applicants are selected based on their academic achievements, leadership qualities and the socio-economic status of their family.

Students at the University of Nottingham Malaysia may apply for the following scholarships. Please note that you are only entitled to apply one scholarship over the course of your studies.

Scholarships for all students
No.Scholarship (automatic/ internal)Country/ regionClosing date
1. High Achievers Scholarship All Automatic
2. Dean’s Excellence Scholarships All Automatic
3.  Sibling Scholarship All Automatic
4.  Alumni Scholarship  All Automatic
5.  Alumni of Universitas (U21) Institutions Scholarship All Automatic
6.  Sports and Arts Scholarship All 15 August 2023
7.  Provost's Excellence Scholarship All

15 August 2023 (Malaysian)

24 July 2023 (International)

8.  PGT Corporate Scholarship  All

Submit upon application

9. PhD High Achiever Scholarship All

9 June 2023

10. Research Excellence Scholarship All 9 June 2023


Financial assistance

This section provides information about fund for student who are experiencing unexpected financial difficulties because of substantial change in their circumstances after admission to the University.

Financial assistance for all students
No.Financial assistance Country/ regionClosing date
1. Hardship Fund                                                                                                   All 15 January / 15 March / 15 May / 15 July / 15 September / 15 November
2.  CIMB ASEAN Scholarship 2023 ASEAN only  11 June 2023


Further information

Other scholarship and financial assistance information can also be found below.

For more information, please send your enquiries to:


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