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Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) or the Council of Trust for the People is an agency under the purview of Ministry of Regional and Rural Development established on 1 March 1966, as a corporate statuary body by an Act of Parliament as result of the first Bumiputera Economics Congress in 1965. 

MARA holds the responsibility to develop, encourage, facilitate, and implement socioeconomic development and society with focus on the rural area. One of the area that MARA is focusing on is education, and offers various education financing to different level of studies. 

About the Financing 

MARA Tertiary Education Sponsorship Programme (TESP) is open to students currently pursuing full-time undergraduate courses in selected areas in the listed universities in Malaysia. 

List of courses and universities are available on their website

Eligibility Criteria and Application 

 The general requirements for education financing are listed below: 

  • Malaysian citizens 
  • Applicant and one of the parent are Bumiputera 
  • Applicant and parent/guardian are not blacklisted by MARA 
  • Applicant have never received education financing for the same level of studies 
  • Age of the applicant is not exceeding 40 years old upon application 
  • Applicant with health issues must provide a report from an authorised doctor confirming student is medically fit to further studies 
  • Meets the family Socio-Economic Status (SES) :
 Eligiblity Category Montly Income  Annual Taxable Income 
 Fees and stipend   RM12,000 and below  RM150,000 and below
 Fees only   RM12,001 - RM20,000  RM150,001 - RM250,000


Student must also meet the academic requirements below:

  • New student must achieve a CGPA 3.00 and above in Foundation / Matriculation / STPM / STAM or equivalent qualifications and must already obtained an offer or registered with the institution starting January 2023 
  • Existing undergraduate student must obtain CGPA 3.00 and above in the previous semester and have at least another year to complete the course 
  • Passed with distiction in SPM for Bahasa Melayu subject 
  • Qualifications for medical, dentistry and pharmacy courses must meet the related Professional Bodies requirements 

How to apply for TESP MARA

Application is to be made online via following the dates advertised by MARA. Shortlisted candidates will be notified within 3 months from the application deadline. Applicants should also read and understand the TESP Application Guidelines provided before submitting their application. 

Applicants are advised to check MARA’s website from time to time for updates on the application period for TESP.


What is the TESP MARA programme?

The Tertiary Education Sponsorship Programme (TESP) is a sponsorship programme in the form of a convertible loan under the Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) for STPM, Matriculation, Foundation, or Diploma graduates and equivalent who have been offered a place for their first degree in selected fields and Higher Education Institutions (IPT). Students who are currently pursuing their first degree can also apply.  

Will I need to sit for other assessment tests to qualify for TESP MARA? 

No additional assessments are required other than those general and academic requirements specified above. 

Where can I check the list of selected fields and higher education institutions (IPTs) determined by MARA? 

The list of selected fields and IPTs is available in the TESP Programme Requirements infographics on the MARA Portal

I am currently pursuing a Diploma programme. Can I apply for TESP MARA? 

No, the TESP MARA programme is only open to students pursuing their first undergraduate degree at local higher education institutions.

I am currently in my second year of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at a local higher education institution. Can I apply for TESP MARA? 

Yes, you can apply for the TESP programme if your institution is listed by MARA. 

Is the TESP MARA a scholarship or a convertible loan? 

The TESP MARA is a convertible loan. Students will need to apply for a repayment reduction when they have completed their studies. Additionally, this loan does not incur any interest charges. 

What is a convertible loan? 

A convertible loan, or ‘pinjaman boleh ubah’, refers to the educational loan received. It can be considered for repayment reduction based on the student’s academic performance upon completing their studies, subject to the policy. 

Can I apply for TESP MARA if my parents are blacklisted by MARA? 

You would not be eligible for application as parents, guardians, guarantors, and applicants must be free from MARA’s blacklist. You can check the blacklist status with MARA’s Credit Control Division before applying for the TESP. 

How do I upload the required documents when submitting my application for the TESP MARA application? 

All documents should be saved in PDF format in a single file (.zip/.rar) before they are uploaded to the ‘Myedulaon’ system. Late or incomplete applications will not be processed. 

What is the maximum file size for all supporting documents that can be uploaded?

The total file size allowed for upload should not exceed 10MB. 

Are physical application documents needed after I uubmit the online application? 

The submission of physical documents is only required after MARA approves the application and issues an Offer Letter to the applicant. 


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