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Employees Provident Fund (Account II) Withdrawal Scheme for Education

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Account II Withdrawal Scheme for Education can help EPF members with their educational expenses.This scheme allows EPF members to withdraw from their Account II for further studies in local or overseas institutions for their children or themselves.

Amount Eligible for Withdrawal

Members may withdraw the maximum amount of the total fees or all of balance in Account II, whichever is lower.

Additionally, member may apply for withdrawal in each academic year provided that there is balance left in Account II.

What can you use the funds for? 

The funds from EPF Account II can be used to cover tuition fees or the outstanding loan amount, hostel and accommodation fees, as well as a one-way flight ticket for first-year students studying abroad. 

To be more specific, EPF members can opt to withdraw from their Account II to finance their own tuition fees, as well as that of their spouse and children. Additionally, joint withdrawals from a spouse’s account are also an option. 

How To Apply

Before a member can apply for withdrawal under this scheme, the member is required to check the balance in Account II and obtain a letter from EPF confirming the amount that can be withdrawn. To obtain this letter, the following documents are necessary:

  • Letter of Acceptance from the University for the member or member's children
  • Letter of confirmation of registration from the University for the member or member's children
  • Letter of registration for subsequent years of study ( for second year and following years)
  • Letter for EPF withdrawal from the university

Members can apply for this scheme by completing the KWSP 9H (AHL) form together with the relevant supporting documents. Upon approval, payments are made directly to the University.

Additional guidelines

These additional guidelines help to ensure the smooth implementation of the EPF withdrawal for education process:

  • The funds withdrawn must be solely utilised for approved educational expenses and should not be misused for other purposes. 

  • EPF may impose penalties to take necessary actions if the funds are found to be misused. 

  • EPF reserves the right to review and modify the eligibility criteria for the withdrawal scheme. For the latest information, members should visit the EPF website or contact EPF directly. By doing so, EPF members can make the most out of EPF Account II Withdrawal Scheme for Education and receive the financial benefits they need to pursue their educational goals. 

For more information, please visit or call the nearest EPF office at:
Employees Provident Fund
Bangunan KWSP
Jalan Raja Laut
50350 Kuala Lumpur

Alternatively, reach out to your nearest EPF office or visit the EPF website for education withdrawal



Who is eligible to withdraw funds from their EPF Account II for education? 

EPF members who are below 55 years of age, and have savings in Account II can apply for this withdrawal scheme. 

What is the maximum amount that can be withdrawn for educational purposes? 

You can either withdraw the total tuition fees or outstanding education loan OR your entire savings in Account II, depending on which is lower. 

Can I withdraw funds from EPF Account II multiple times for different educational expenses? 

Yes, EPF members can make multiple withdrawals if they meet the eligibility criteria and have sufficient funds in their account II. The funds from Account II can be used for tuition fees or to cover an outstanding education loan amount, for hostel and accommodation fees and a one-way flight ticket for first-year students studying abroad. 

How long does it take for EPF to process the withdrawal application? 

The processing time varies, but a few weeks are typically needed for review and approval. 

How can I check my application status and payment? 

EPF members can do so via i-Akaun, contact the EPF Contact Management Center at 03-8922 6000, or visit any EPF counter. 

Can I use EPF Account II Withdrawal Scheme for Education to fund my child’s education? 

Yes, EPF members can use the funds to pay for their children’s education. 



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