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Future of Computer Science

A constantly changing environment

Stories about the extraordinary successes of companies like Google and Amazon and newer companies like Facebook and YouTube are attracting attention around the world.

What made possible the emergence of these companies? Why is the pattern of development in these companies different from the traditional development of fields such as engineering, commerce and services? What is the prospect of growth and career development in  Internet-based services?

We live in the information age where vast amounts of information on all aspects of human activities have become globally accessible. This has been facilitated by such technological developments as the Internet, mobile communications and the proliferation of powerful, low-cost computing devices.

The ability of these devices to store, process and communicate information has opened a host of possibilities for developing "intelligent" devices and services that do not burden the user with raw data but provide user support by distilling and verifying knowledge from information.

Challenges & opportunities

This advancement and proliferation of affordable high-tech devices has created an environment rife with both challenges and opportunities. Challenges for business include data management and constantly trying to keep up with the latest trends in marketing; trends that are becoming increasingly complex and technologically advanced. For the consumer, protection of personal data remains a major challenge.

With these challenges come great opportunities; opportunities waiting to be exploited by highly-trained enthusiastic Computer Science graduates.

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