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New Computers @ BB80 (CS Lab)


The School of Computer Science has recently upgraded its computing lab BB80 with 15 desktop computers designed to meet the School’s current demands for increased computational power. They enable students to work on their coursework assignments and perform computationally intensive tasks as part of ambitious projects in various areas of Computer Science comfortably and efficiently.



The brand new Dell XPS 8960 PCs offer a significant jump in performance over the previously available hardware, with 3.5 times faster CPUs, and more than 12-fold increased graphics performance, thanks to state-of-the-art Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphics processing units (GPUs). Solid state disks (SSD) replace the old mechanical hard disk drives, and the main memory capacity is doubled to 16 GB. The new PCs are complemented with 27 inches high resolution monitors (4K) for optimal usability and user satisfaction.


Posted on 19th January 2024

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