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The work of Cheo Kar Lok, a third year student at the School of Computer Science, supervised by Dr. ZhiYuan Chen in the context of a final year project, has just been featured on Business Insider, a top business and technology news website.

Cheo Kar Lok has been developing a product search engine which he calls Consumerify that simplifies shopping. It allows you to search any products around the world, and shows up to fifteen different types of search results and information related to the product. You no longer have to bounce back and forth between search engines, price comparison sites, e-commerce sites, etc. to research and find the best product. With a simple search, you can check product prices, features, reviews, discounts, competitors, top sellers, and more.

The student has written a blog post that explains how Cosumerify works in-depth: Here's a page about the student's final year project:

Posted on 7th April 2014

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