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Field Visit To Kuantan Coconut Plantation


Researchers’ visit to Durian Farm.

On 21st March, Mr Liew Ah Oon (Managing Director, D’ Marina Coconut) and his team visited the School of Computer Science to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. Dr Chen ZhiYuan, Mr KR Selvaraj, Dr Hii Ching Lik and Dr Tan Khang Wei (Xia Men University Malaysia) were then invited for a field visit to the Durian Farm and the Coconut Plantation in Kuantan. Potential research collaborations on plantation challenges were discussed. Research proposals based on mutual interest in how to resolve current and future issues have been invited by the company. After the field trip, Dr Gene Goh Sean Boo (Senior manager, the Durian farm) and his team paid a visit to University of Nottingham Malaysia, which was to discuss potential part-time PhD opportunities for staff members from the farm.
Posted on 14th May 2019

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