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NRLP Study visit to China


The NRLP’19 (Nottingham Research Leaders Program) cohort.

The NRLP’19 (Nottingham Research Leaders Program) cohort, including Dr Amr Ahmed, was invited to China, for a Study visit in May 2019. The visit included visiting top Chinese universities in Shanghai and Ningbo, and a project in the Ningbo Campus.

At the Ningbo campus, the cohort was given the task of advising the Nottingham China Beacons (which was proposed to boost the research and collaboration activities). Visiting various institutions and the top Hospital in Ningbo, the cohort studied the proposed beacons and also took the “Health Beacon” as a case study to make specific recommendations, given the medical and health-related technology experts within the team.

The NRLP’19 consists of 17 academics, from the 3 campuses, where the Malaysia campus is represented by 3 academics; Dr Amr Ahmed (Head of School of Computer Science), Dr Christina Supramaniam (Director of the Centre of Sustainable Oil Research - CESPOR) and Dr Show Pau-Loke (Associate Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering).

Posted on 24th October 2019

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