University of Nottingham Malaysia
School of Computer Science

School of Computer Science Away Day, August 10, 2022

The School of Computer Science conducted the School Away Day 2022 on August 10, 2022, at Le Méridien Hotel Putrajaya. The Head of School, Dr. ZhiYuan Chen, started the meeting, welcoming all attendees and briefly discussing the meeting agenda. The agenda of the Away Day includes many key items for discussion, such as the School Review, general school matters, academic Misconduct, assessment and feedback, and research practice. The School Review is jointly briefed by Dr. ZhiYuan Chen, Director of Teaching Dr. Iman Yi Liao, and Director of Research Dr. Tomas Maul. The Effective Industry Collaboration is highlighted by Prof. Andy Chen, Vice Provost, RKE. He stressed on promoting the research work on social media and sharing with relevant industries. Academic Misconduct is discussed by the school academic misconduct officer Mr. Michael Chung. Dr. Iman and Sze-ker discussed Tutoring and Mentoring and Assessment and Feedback. General Matters of the school are discussed and conducted in a group activity by the Associate Head of School, Dr. Colin Johnson. Finally, every staff member presented the research practice, including research interest areas, current research projects, research grants, publications, research supervision, collaboration, and next year's plan. A special item CEE Research Practice Sharing presented by the Dean of Faculty, Prof. Chung Lim. The meeting is attended by all the 15 members of the school, including (Dr. Colin Johnson, Associate Head of School from Nottingham, UK Campus) and specially invited Prof. Andy Chen Tak Yee (Vice Provost, RKE), and Prof. Law Chung Lim (the Dean of Faculty).

A group photo of the School Computer Science at the School Away Day 2022 on the 10th of August 2022 at Le Méridien Hotel Putrajaya.  

Winner of 2021-2022 Administrative Excellence Award, presented to Dr. Hafeez Ullah Amin (Award presented by Dr. Colin Johnson and Dr. ZhiYuan)