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Student Excels with Best Presentation Award at Conference


We are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable achievement of one of our talented students, MengZe Hong from the Mathematics and Data Science BSc (Hons) course, who recently received the prestigious Best Presentation Award at the 6th International Conference on Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence (MLMI 2023)!

The paper presented at the conference is based on a School Summer Internship Project "A Comparative Study of LSTM, LightGBM, and Autoregressive Model in Narrow-Based ETF Market Prediction with Multi-Ticker Models", supervised by Dr Zhiyuan Chen. The collaborative efforts and remarkable talents of MengZe Hong, Waleed Mahmoud Soliman and Kun Zhang, representing our school, shone brightly at the MLMI 2023. Their achievement serves as an inspiration to all our students, showcasing the incredible heights that can be reached through dedication and perseverance.

Posted on 5th December 2023

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