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There are two main field courses that are typically organised for Environmental Science undergraduates, Tropical Environmental Science Field Course (GEOG2055 UNMC) on year 2 and Tropical Ecology (GEOG4062 UNMC) on year 3. There are other modules offered throughout the 3 year undergraduate programme which offers short day-field courses within Klang valley region and in the vicinity of the campus.


The Tropical Environmental Science Field Course is a comprehensive field course, typically been delivered over a 7 day residential stay. This residential tropical field course module is based on Tioman Island off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It involves studies of various tropical communities and ecosystems using a range of field techniques to investigate factors which determine the distribution and function of living organisms in tropical ecosystems. Topics covered include sampling techniques and ecological assessment of coral reefs, mangroves, marine turtles, microplastics and more in an island ecosystem. 


The Tropical Ecology Field Course is also a comprehensive seven days  field course typically been delivered over a 7 day residential stay. Tropical Ecology has typically been delivered as a field course at the Krau nature reserve. Topics covered will include ecological assessment techniques, forest structural assessment, plant-animal interactions, collecting and taxonomic techniques and wildlife management approaches.



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