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Geospatial Science Group


Geospatial Science group engages in research areas behind the technologies used to understand the human and environment systems and processes on Earth. In collaboration with various international and regional multidisciplinary partners, we are focusing in the following sub-themes:

  1. Open-Source Geospatial Technologies and Applications: ICA-OSGEO research lab
  2. Agricultural GIS: geospatial technologies used in agricultural management and practice.
  3. Disaster Management: geospatial technologies applications to disaster management cycle including earthquake & tsunami, flood and other hydro-meteorological disasters.
  4. EcoGIS: geospatial technologies applications to ecological researches.
  5. Urban Environmental Planning: geospatial technologies to assist solving the environmental issues in urban context.


The group has been secured research funding as well as supports from MOE, MOSTI, Crops for Future Research Centre (CFFRC), Germany Space Agency (DLR), Faculty of Science, UNMC and Nottingham Geospatial Institute, UK.

Research interest:

  • Disaster recovery monitoring and assessment - remote sensing multi-scale approach
  • Distributed hydrological modelling: characterisation of watershed, precipitation, runoff processes and hydrography shape
  • Forecasting river floods and predicting urban watershed, climate change and its impact of terrestrial ecosystems
  • Location-based crowd-sourcing data collection and quality assessment
  • Machine learning for remote sensing image analysis and high-performance computing
  • Remote sensing of intercrops
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle remote sensing mapping system
  • Urban green space and human life quality 


  • Dr. Tuong-Thuy Vu (Head of ICA-OSGEO research lab)
  • Dr. Lawal Billa


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